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Falklands truce? Philip Hammond vows to return to era when Britain was Argentina's main trading partner

Philip Hammond has signalled a truce with Argentina over the Falklands as he vowed to "recapture the spirit of the age" when Britain was the South American nation's main trading partner.
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Philip Hammond warmly shakes hands with the Argentine president as he becomes the first Cabinet minister to visit the country in 16 years - but the Chancellor is NOT expected to raise the Falkland Islands in the meeting

Philip Hammond has met with Argentine president Mauricio Macri for trade talks. He is the first Cabinet minister has visited Argentina since Tony Blair in 2001. Chancellor was urged to use the trip to stad up for poeple of Falkland Islands. Tensions have cooled under Mr Macri and his more liberal Falklands stance
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'Falklands are NOT for sale' Fury over fears Argentina will use Brexit to seize islands

THE Falkland Islands are not for sale a MP has warned amid fears Argentina will use Brexit as an opportunity to seize the territory.
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'The Falklands are NOT for sale' Philip Hammond told to warn Argentina on historic visit

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been told to tell Argentina the Falkland Islands are “not for sale” when he visits the South American country this week.
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Excombatientes de la guerra de Malvinas agradecen a Bolivia

Los excombatientes tuvieron un encuentro en la plaza Murillo de La Paz, donde se encuentran el Palacio de Gobierno y el Parlamento, con la vicecanciller de Bolivia
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Tavistock filmmaker helping develop museum in Falkland Islands

The talents of a Tavistock filmmaker are playing a key role in the development of a museum more than 7,000 miles away in the Falkland Islands.
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‘Important’ new book questions official history of Falklands War

Author Ricky Phillips gathered testimonies and interviews from participants in the battle for his book The First Casualty
Argentina The National - Escocia Malvinas Martin Hannan

‘Important’ new book questions official history of Falklands War

Author Ricky Phillips gathered testimonies and interviews from participants in the battle for his book The First Casualty
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Cruz Roja desentierra restos de 60 soldados argentinos caídos en islas Malvinas

El Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja (CICR) exhumó hasta el momento los restos de 60 soldados argentinos sin identificar sepultados en el cementerio de Darwin, en las islas Malvinas (Falkland para Reino Unido).
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Treinta y cinco años después: empieza identificación de soldados caídos en Malvinas

Expertos de la Cruz Roja empezaron trabajos para identificar a 123 "NN" que habrían muerto en la guerra entre Reino Unido y Argentina. Se espera un informe con los resultados a fin de año.
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Farage condemns foreign aid funding Argentina's fighter jets as Falklands claim continues

Nigel Farage has ripped into the foreign aid system, savaging a move to send funds to Argentina as it continues its claim on the Falkland Islands.
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Premier’s oil gushes in Mexico but it must cap debt

It takes a little pressure off Premier to go ahead with the Sea Lion field north of the Falklands, which in valuation terms is probably not that relevant even if the company is still talking about a firm decision on going ahead with this next year.
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Would Corbyn give the Falklands away? Labour leader says he would start the debate in 2013

JEREMY CORBYN hinted he would enter into discussions with Argentina about the ownership of the Falklands Islands before he became Labour Party leader in a 2013 BBC interview.
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Falklands Oil Boom on Ice After Crude Price Slump

The biggest oil discovery off the Falkland Islands wouldn’t give investors sufficient profit at current crude prices, according to project operator Premier Oil Plc.
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Falklands politician fears EU nations will help Argentina SNATCH islands after Brexit

Roger Edwards, who flew thousands of miles to speak to the European Union Committee in the House of Lords, said post-Brexit Britain could lose the backing of EU member states over the territory.
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The Royal Court has announced its new autumn/winter 2017/18 season of work which includes five world premieres, five international playwrights from Argentina, Chile, Syria, Ukraine and the USA, and the return of a landmark Royal Court play.
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Argentinians plot to raid Falklands and plant THEIR flag on British soil

Rouge generals are planning to mount a secret raid on the Falkland Islands and plant an Argentinian flag on British soil.
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Ruth Davidson accuses SNP of 'HOSTILE tirades' after honorary Army role

RUTH Davidson today accused the SNP of whipping up “hostile and vitriolic tirades” over her appointment as Honorary Colonel of her former Army regiment. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino