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Islas Malvinas

Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Rebekah Evans

Falkland Islands FURY: Argentina brand British ship in region 'new act of militarisation'

16/01 - 15:55 - A british vessel docking in the region has sparked fury from an Argentinian Secretary who has hit out at the UK accusing Britain of a "new act of militarisation".
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Carly Read

Falkland Islands: Argentina vows to never give up fighting for the Falklands

ARGENTINA has vowed to never give up they fight for the Falkland Islands in a warning from the South American nation’s President on the anniversary of the British winning the territory.
Sr. Canciller Russia Today (RT) - Rusia Malvinas

Argentina reafirma soberanía sobre las Islas Malvinas a 187 años de la ocupación británica

El canciller Felipe Solá recalcó que el reclamo es una "prioridad para la política exterior argentina", al cuestionar la dirección que tomó la causa durante el gobierno de Mauricio Macri. Señaló que durante los últimos cuatro años hubo "concesiones diplomáticas" que a su juicio significaron un retroceso claro en el histórico reclamo de soberanía. En su mensaje, Solá enfatizó que "en el Siglo XXI no hay más lugar para el colonialismo".
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Carly Read

Argentina ready to ramp up claim to Falkland Islands ‘Fight to defend!’

ARGENTINA has demanded an “active presence” in the Falkland Islands with Buenos Aires appearing ready to ramp up a claim to it - 38 years after Britain went to war with the South American nation over the territory.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Charlie Bradley

Falklands shock: How Argentina planned to use Brexit to take back Islands

FALKLAND ISLANDS disputes never disappeared after Britain successfully defended the archipelago after the war with Argentina in 1982, and now as Brexit negotiations have taken the UK into another general election, it appears that politicians in Buenos Aires have long been praying for a no deal withdrawal from the EU to "enhance" their claim over the territory.
Argentina Folha de Sao Paulo - Brasil Malvinas IGOR GIELOW

Governo argentino pede discrição ao Brasil sobre novo voo SP-Malvinas

Rota da Latam terá escala mensal no país vizinho, que teme endosso à soberania britânica das ilhas
Argentina The Independent - Reino Unido Malvinas Simon Calder

New Falklands link will halve the price of travel to the islands

13/11 - 11:42 - New flight makes dinner in London, breakfast in Sao Paulo and lunch in Stanley feasible
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Charlie Bradley

Falklands at risk as Argentina's President lifts lid on talks with Jeremy Corbyn

THE FALKLAND ISLANDS have been thrust into the political limelight once again after Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez made a revelation that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called him last week as the new leader in Buenos Aires vows to take back the British archipelago.
Argentina ITV - Reino Unido Malvinas

Falklands veteran goes on hunger strike for the second time over mental health care concerns

Gus hopes his campaign will raise awareness of the fact that veterans may need help. Gus hopes his campaign will raise awareness of the fact that veterans may need help.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Ciaran McGrath

'We won't give an inch': Falkland Islander's defiant message to Argentina's new President

FALKLAND Islanders will NEVER give up their right to be British, a native of the famous archipelago in the South Atlantic has told Argentina's new President Alberto Fernandez.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Ciaran McGrath

Falklands Islands betrayal: Residents terrified Corbyn would cave in to Argentina

Falkland Islanders are uneasy at the prospect of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being elected Prime Minister when UK goes to the polls on December 12 -because they fear he will negotiate its British sovereignty to Argentina, it was claimed today.
Argentina Reuters Malvinas

Britain gives Argentina back Madonna statue taken from Falklands

30/10 - 09:12 - Thirty-seven years after the Falklands war, a tiny statue of the Madonna taken at the end of the conflict and held in Britain ever since is going home to Argentina in a gesture of reconciliation blessed by Pope Francis.
Argentina La Vanguardia - España Malvinas

Fernández dice a Johnson que no renuncia a soberanía argentina sobre Malvinas

29/10 - 17:22 - El presidente electo de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, advirtió este martes en su respuesta al mensaje de felicitación del primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson, que no renuncia al reclamo de soberanía del país austral sobre las Islas Malvinas.
Argentina Sputnik - Rusia Malvinas

Aerolínea comienza a vender billetes para su nuevo vuelo Sao Paulo — Islas Malvinas

29/10 - 19:28 - La aerolínea Latam comenzó a vender billetes para la nueva conexión directa que cada semana, a partir del 20 de noviembre, comunicará la ciudad brasileña de Sao Paulo con las disputadas Islas Malvinas (sur), con la inclusión de una escala mensual en la ciudad argentina de Córdoba.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Kate Nicholson

Falkland plot exposed: Why Argentina’s president really wrote land grab letter to PM

THE FALKLAND Islands have been at the centre of UK-Argentina tensions for years, and an Argentine President even controversially wrote a letter to the British Prime Minister asking Britain to return the archipelago – but the letter may have been written with an ulterior motive, according to an unearthed article.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Malvinas Harriet Alexander

Return of Leftists in Argentina could mean renewed claims over Falkland Islands

The resurgence of Argentina’s firebrand Leftists has raised concern among Falklanders that Sunday’s election could return anti-British sentiment to the country.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Carly Read

Falklands Islands warning: Argentina election sets alarm bells ringing over ‘sovereignty’

22/10 - 14:06 - Britain could face a second Falklands threat - 36 years after Margaret Thatcher declared war against Argentine forces for invading the British-owned territory - due to a Buenos Aires politician tipped to win the South American nation’s election and who has told of his plot to claim the archipelago.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Malvinas Chris Leadbeater

What a new air route to the Falkland Islands means for travellers and British-Argentine relations

They have long existed in a state of semi-exile as one of the most hard-to-reach outposts on the planet -far-flung fragments cast adrift in the choppy waters of the South Atlantic. But as of next month, the Falkland Islands will be a little easier to visit, thanks to the launch of a new flight to the archipelago's Mount Pleasant airport from Sao Paulo.
Argentina France 24 - Francia Malvinas

Return of Argentine Peronism throws shadow over Falklands

Argentina is going to the polls on October 27 with a Peronist politician backed by former president Cristina Kirchner expected to win an outright majority, something that has got Falkland Islanders worried.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Simon Osborne

Falklands tops agenda of Argentina election as presidential hopefuls vow to defend islands

16/10 - 17:31 - Argentinian presidential hopefuls have vowed to fight for the return of the Falklands if they depose current leader Mauricio Macri in national elections later this month. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino