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Expecting Ireland to be servile is part of a long British tradition

The Brexit crisis is another example of how the UK so often ignores the consequences of its conduct on its neighbour
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Mercosur ‘not a done deal’, Creed tells farmers

Agriculture Minister Michael Creed has urged pleaded with farmers not to desert the Government over the Mercosur trade deal, saying it is “not a done deal” and that Ireland can still make changes to protect the vital farming sector.
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What's the beef with the EU-Mercosur trade deal?

The trade agreement has put the cattle among the pigeons, but is it really so bad for Ireland?
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Irish farmers lobby politicians against Mercosur deal

Hundreds of farmers descended on Dublin on Tuesday urging the Government not to “sell them out”. Twenty nine Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) county executives from across Ireland visited the city’s Davenport Hotel fora two-hour conference to “intensively lobby” politicians against the EU Commission’s Mercosur trade deal. The European Commission agreed the deal last month, after two decades of negotiations and despite strong opposition from Italian, Spanish, French, Irish and Polish livestock sectors.
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Hogan rejects ‘inaccurate’ criticism of EU-Mercosur deal

European commissioner’s position questioned amid row over Irish beef industry
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John Downing: 'Farmers are angry over Mercosur - and the Fine Gael TDs fear the fallout'

It is ironic that a stone's throw from EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Irish beef is in a prime position on sale in all that city's supermarkets at a premium price. The same can be said about supermarkets across mainland Europe right now - Irish beef has finally arrived and is in big demand.
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The Irish Times view on the Mercosur trade deal: the EU puts down a marker

Whatever threat the Irish beef industry faces as a result of the trade deal is a side-show compared to the threat of a no-deal Brexit
Argentina The Irish Times - Irlanda Mercosur Tim O'Brien

Farmers warn over EU trade deal for South American beef

'Rank hypocrisy’ to expect Irish to tackle emissions when meat flown across the world
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Mercosur 'sell out' explained

21/06 - 02:24 - As part of negotiation process, the EU proposes to offer the Mercosur countries access to the EU for an additional 70,000t of beef. This new 70,000t preferential market access quota involves a reduced tariff rate of only 7.5% and includes 35,000t of fresh beef and 35,000t of frozen beef. The offer also includes 78,000t of poultry. This would be devastating for Irish and EU farmers and consumers.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Claire Fox

Mercosur deal would be 'disastrous' for Ireland's Climate Action Plan warns farm organisations

A Mercosur deal would be completely ‘contradictory’ and ‘disastrous’ in light of Ireland’s recently published Climate Action Plan, farm organisations have warned.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Claire Fox

'Deep concerns' on possible Mercosur deal outlined by Taoiseach in letter to EU Commission

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and three other European leaders have sent a letter to EU Commission President Jean Claude Junker highlighting their “deep concern” on a potential EU trade deal with Mercosur being passed next week that could “threaten agriculture” in Europe.
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IMF says State should support ‘hard hit’ sectors in event of no-deal Brexit

The Government should provide support to hard-hit sectors in the event of a no-deal Brexit, but otherwise let the economy operate freely to support itself, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said.
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New laws to target 'frightening' dissident marches after Lyra McKee's murder

Journalist Lyra McKee was murdered in Derry. Defence Minister Paul Kehoe told the Irish Independent he found the sight of men and women in fake military fatigue “absolutely frightening”. “Everybody condemns it but we have to go further than just condemning it. We have to prevent this from happening in the future,” Mr Kehoe said. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino