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Novos títulos reestruturados da Argentina despencam no mercado

Crescem os temores entre os investidores sobre a saúde econômica do país
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Mercados Jonathan Wheatley

Investors are getting pickier in emerging markets

Low-rated borrowers could struggle as recovery slows and leverage attracts more focus
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Benedict Mander

Hopes dim in Argentina for investment-led economic recovery

Country struggles to stimulate growth as taxes rise, economic controls tighten and debt crisis looms
Argentina The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Política Económica Santiago Pérez and Ryan Dube

Argentine Governor Rattles Markets With Plans to Delay Bond Payment

The far-left politician is raising fears that his faction of the ruling Peronist coalition could push the rest of the federal government into a messy new debt default
Economía Le Figaro - Francia Economía Internacional

Chicago: le maïs rebondit après plusieurs baisses

Les cours du maïs cotés à Chicago se sont nettement redressés vendredi après trois séances de repli, les investisseurs ayant manifesté plus tôt dans la semaine leur scepticisme sur l'accord commercial préliminaire entre la Chine et les Etats-Unis.
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Benedict Mander

Investors left guessing on Argentina’s economic plans

Alberto Fernández has revealed few details of how he intends to address debt problems
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Economía Regional Ira Iosebashvili

Latin America Currencies Continue to Slip

Political developments throughout Latin America have made investors increasingly skittish on the region.
Argentina La Tercera - Chile Economía

Argentina se está quedando sin dólares para pagar la deuda

“Existe un grave riesgo de un incumplimiento duro el próximo año”, dijo Amherst Pierpont Securities.
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Benedict Mander

Investors anxious over new Argentine president’s next move

Investors breathed a sigh of relief at Alberto Fernández’s narrower-than-expected victory in Argentina’s presidential elections, but were anxious for more clarity over the leftist leader’s first moves when he takes power on December 10.
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Benedict Mander

Argentina sifts through ‘fantasy land’ bond proposals

Lenders hoping to avoid enforced losses may be heading for disappointment. Alberto Fernández, who is expected to win presidential elections later this month, has tried to reassure markets
Economía Expansión - México Inversiones Amaia Ormaetxea

"Chile ofrece a los inversores un puerto seguro frente a la incertidumbre"

Entrevista a Cristián Rodríguez, director de InvestChile. El país sudamericano tiene abiertos a la inversión 150 proyectos que suman más de 18.000 millones de dólares para los próximos cuatro años.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Aline Oyamada

Argentina Bonds May Be Worth Less Than 40 Cents in a Default

Less than two years after Argentina made a splash in markets by selling a $2.75 billion, 100-year bond, another debt restructuring is a real possibility after President Mauricio Macri was routed in a primary election.
Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Larry Elliott

Warning signs for global economy: the countries spooking investors

From the US-China trade war through to the problems affecting Germany, Brazil, the UK and more
Economía Folha de Sao Paulo - Brasil Economía Regional Paula Moura

Baixo crescimento do PIB brasileiro preocupa investidores estrangeiros

Em NY, economista-chefe do Itaú diz que atraso na Previdência e ruído em Brasília geram dúvidas. Investidores estrangeiros esperavam uma recuperação mais robusta da economia brasileira em -2019 e estão preocupados com os resultados neste início de ano
Economía O Globo - Brasil Economía Internacional Ana Paula Ribeiro

Bolsa avança 2,83%, e dólar cai 0,40%, a R$ 3,72

Bom humor nos mercados internacionais e cenário eleitoral animam investidores. Entrada de estrangeiros reforça movimento de queda da moeda americana, e estatais registram mais um dia de forte alta
Economía CNBC - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Kelly Olsen

Foreign investors see Chinese bonds as a safe haven while trade war rages

China is increasingly opening its market for government debt to foreign investors and it is providing some security amid escalating trade tensions.
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional

US must take care in Turkey crisis

The US holds the upper hand in the dispute with Turkey because the latter’s current account deficit has to be funded by international investors. The US president can spook these into reducing their positions in Turkey, which would deliver an economic shock. But since the Asian crisis of 1997, there has been a sea-change in the way countries respond to economic shocks, which could mean the US ends up losing the dispute in the long term.
Argentina SWI - Suiza Economía FERNANDO BIZERRA

Ueli Maurer, viaggio di lavoro in Brasile e Argentina

Il consigliere federale Ueli Maurer ha effettuato un viaggio di lavoro di due giorni in Brasile e Argentina, accompagnato da una delegazione di una dozzina di rappresentanti del settore finanziario e tecnofinanziario. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino