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EAEU eyes free trade agreements with Indonesia, Mongolia

The most promising requests from the standpoint of the mutual economic efficiency are selected among more than fifty applications for the foreign trade zone received by the Eurasian Economic Commission, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Pankin said
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Irán libera a la tripulación del petrolero surcoreano incautado hace un mes

14:15 - El Ministerio de Exteriores de Irán anunció este martes que la tripulación del petrolero surcoreano detenido hace un mes en el golfo Pérsico ha sido liberada "por motivos humanitarios".
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L'accord avec l'Indonésie néfaste pour la planète et l'économie

L'accord de libre-échange conclu entre l'AELE et Jakarta constitue une menace tant pour la planète que pour les paysans de Suisse et d'Indonésie. Le comité référendaire a lancé lundi sa campagne en vue de la votation le 7 mars prochain.
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Livre comércio com Indonésia e Vietnã? Professor explica o que o Brasil pode ganhar com isso

Diante da possibilidade do Mercosul acertar um acordo de livre comércio com Indonésia e Vietnã, a Sputnik Brasil conversou com Marcos Cordeiro Pires, professor da Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), para compreender os possíveis benefícios desta parceria para economia brasileira.
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Indonesia seeks to double deals with Latin America, Caribbean countries in business forum

Indonesia is also currently pursuing trade deals with Latin American trade bloc Mercosur, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, said Kasan Muhri, the director general for national export development at the Trade Ministry.
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In Indonesia, Pompeo makes last gasp push for Trump’s China agenda

The US Secretary of State uses Jakarta visit to single out Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus and its spats with neighbours in the South China Sea. Jakarta, which does far more trade with China than the US, is more reserved. Analysts say if the US wants it to choose sides, disappointment looms.
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Pompeo alaba a Indonesia por su rechazo a reclamación soberanista de China

El secretado de Estado estadounidense, Mike Pompeo, alabó este jueves las "acciones decisivas" que ha tomado Indonesia contra la reclamación soberanista "ilegal" de China en el mar de China Meriodional.
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In Indonesia, Pompeo Urges Muslims to Challenge China’s Xinjiang Policies

Seeking closer trade and investment ties with Beijing, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country has refrained from criticism
Política SWI - Suiza Política Internacional Tom Allard and Stanley Widianto

Indonesia to U.S., China: Don't trap us in your rivalry

Indonesia's foreign minister Retno Marsudi cautioned the United States and China on Tuesday not to entangle her country in their regional struggle for influence, telling the two superpowers: "We don't want to get trapped by this rivalry."
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Millones de personas afectadas por inundaciones en el sur de Asia

Habitantes de Bangladés, India, Nepal e Indonesia enfrentan las peores inundaciones de una década.
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Talvi presenta plan para modernizar diplomacia y promete "tratar de cerrar" con la Unión Europea

30/06 - 13:42 - El canciller sostuvo que el ministerio necesita "modernizarse" a través de "una reingeniería para integrar adecuadamente sus partes"
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When it comes to coronavirus deaths, could Indonesia be Southeast Asia’s Italy?

Analysts see the situation as a harrowing replay of what happened in Italy, which has Europe’s highest fatality count. The failure to isolate affected areas and limit the population’s movement could see more than 140,000 deaths by May, according to a University of Indonesia estimate.
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Argentina expresa condolencias a Indonesia por un terremoto

El Gobierno argentino transmitió su pésame a Indonesia por el terremoto de magnitud 6,8, que ha causado al menos una veintena de fallecidos en la provincia de Molucas (este).
Economía The Jakarta Post - Indonesia Relaciones Bilaterales Muhammad Anshor

Timely evolution of Indonesian-Chilean trade relations

Indonesia and Chile have entered a new chapter of bilateral relations with the Indonesia-Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC-CEPA), which entered into force on Aug. 10.
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Indonesia gets green light to export tropical fruits to Argentina

Indonesia has received the green light from the Argentinian government to export its tropical fruits such as mango, banana and mangosteen to the country as part of the two countries’ commitment to double their two-way trade value within the next three years.
Argentina The Jakarta Post - Indonesia Relaciones Bilaterales Rachmadea Aisyah

Indonesia-Argentina to strengthen agriculture, F&B trade

Argentina is not among Indonesia’s main export destinations, which is reflected in the latter’s agriculture exports. Indonesia exported a total of US$25.1 million in agricultural products to Argentina last year but imported $1.38 billion from the South American country in the same period, leading to a $1.13 billion deficit on Indonesia's side.
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Indonesia enviará 210 toneladas de residuos de vuelta a Australia

Indonesia dijo el martes que enviaría más de 210 toneladas de basura de vuelta a Australia, en un momento en el que las naciones del sudeste asiático se niegan a seguir siendo el basurero del mundo y están rechazando la basura extranjera.
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Indonesia, Argentine form WGTI to intensify trade cooperation

Indonesia and Argentine have established a Working Group on Trade and Investment (WGTI) in an initial endeavor to boost bilateral trade cooperation between both nations es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino