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Paraguay tiene potencial de exportación a la India de US$ 361 millones

Si bien la India es un mercado que representa solo 1,97% del total de las exportaciones paraguayas al mundo, es interesante evaluar y tener en cuenta una prospección del potencial que Paraguay puede seguir aprovechando, ya que ronda los US$ 361.888.400, tanto con los productos ya exportados actualmente como con nuevos viables.
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Una "OTAN Indo-Pacífico" contra China

Japón y Australia anuncian un acuerdo bilateral de defensa para facilitar las operaciones y ejercicios militares conjuntos de sus tropas en ambos territorios.
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Biden, Modi pledge to strengthen US-India ties in phone call

Indian PM Modi and US president-elect agree to work closely to boost Indo-US strategic partnership, India’s foreign ministry said.
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Biden speaks with leaders of Israel, India

16:10 - President-elect Joe Biden spoke with the leaders of Israel and India on Tuesday as he continues to shore up support from key global allies before entering office in January.
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India's prime minister says Kamala Harris's 'success is a matter of great pride and inspiration'

15:11 - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the first person of Indian descent elected to the position, as a source of “great pride and inspiration.”
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Will a Biden-Harris administration confront Modi on human rights?

Analysts believe a Biden administration would raise the issue of secularism and minority rights with Modi.
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China, India to implement reciprocal disengagement plan, with India first withdrawing trespassing staff: source

The Global Times has learned from sources that China and India are about to implement a disengagement plan under reciprocal principle with the premise that India should firstly withdraw staff who illegally crossed lines on the southern side of the Pangong Tso Lake.
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PM Modi to co-chair India-ASEAN summit today: focus on economy, strategic ties

Along with Modi, the 17th India-ASEAN summit will be co-chaired by Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
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China, India lead in Asia but new growth sources will shake up the global economy

The latest World Economic Outlook projects China and India to grow as economic forces, with China’s economy becoming larger than the rest of the G7 combined by 2025. Big shifts among smaller economies are also expected as Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ethiopia emerge as new drivers of global growth and investment
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Biden will likely continue to champion strong ties with India

Strengthening U.S. relations with India will likely remain a focus for the Biden administration, experts told CNBC.
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Latin American outreach: India, Argentina to expand ties in agriculture; energy; mining sectors

India and key Latin American economy Argentina are hoping to expand partnership in the sectors of agriculture, mining and minerals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and automotive close on the heels of long pending meetings between trade departments and formation of business council.
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India, US sign key military deal, symbolising closer ties

Donald Trump scores a diplomatic success with the signing of a military deal with India nearly a week before the elections.
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India tries to shake off pro-Trump image in run-up to US election

As Joe Biden pulls ahead in the polls, Delhi avoids helping Donald Trump woo Indian-American voters.
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Chinese Embassy in India rejects US meddling in China-India border tensions

The Chinese Embassy in India has urged the US to stop meddling in China-India border issues and rejected anti-China comments made by US Secretary State Michael Pompeo during the India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.
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India: Millions vote in state elections amid pandemic challenges

Three-phase voting begins as the eastern state of Bihar holds the world’s biggest elections since the coronavirus emerged.
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Mike Pompeo in India: A lot of campaign, maybe a little diplomacy

Trailing in every national poll, with little time to recover, the Trump campaign is looking for a series of photo ops that cash in on the general anti-China sentiment among the US electorate.
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US, India to share sensitive satellite data

14:57 - The United States and India are set to sign a military agreement to share sensitive satellite intelligence, India’s defense ministry said on Monday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino