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India’s protesting farmers, government hold ninth round of talks

Farmers have threatened to intensify their agitation by marching to New Delhi on January 26 when India celebrates its Republic Day.
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U.S. Unveils Plan to Counter China’s Rise From India to Taiwan

The Trump administration declassified its strategy to ensure continued dominance over China, which focuses on accelerating India’s rise as a counterweight to Beijing and the ability to defend Taiwan against an attack.
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India’s Top Court Suspends Farm Laws, in a Blow to Modi’s Ambitions

The bid to overhaul the troubled agricultural sector had led to huge protests by farmers, who feared the new, market-oriented rules would hurt their livelihoods.
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India says China ties ‘profoundly disturbed’, on upswing with US

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar says trust with China deeply impaired after last year’s deadly border clash.
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Índia diz que iniciará vacinação na semana que vem e nega veto a exportações

16:00 - Segundo o secretário federal de Saúde, Rajesh Bhushan, a Índia está pronta para iniciar o programa de vacinação contra a Covid-19 na próxima semana. País asiático também afirmou que não proibiu as exportações de vacinas contra Covid-19
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Covid-19: Índia veta exportação de vacina de Oxford e lança dúvidas sobre calendário brasileiro de imunização

22:41 - Anvisa havia autorizado importação de 2 milhões de doses de imunizante produzidas por instituto que selou acordo com Brasil
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Eye on China, India looks at lithium reserves in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia

Currently, India is heavily dependent on import of these cells and the move to ink sourcing pacts for lithium is seen as another salvo in the front against China, a key source of both the raw material and cells.
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India negotiating trade pacts with Brazil & Argentina

New Delhi is in talks with Argentina and Brazil to sign trade agreements with the two largest markets in South America as it aims to strengthen commerce with the region.
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UK PM Johnson to visit India in January to strengthen trade ties

Amid Brexit fears, UK PM picks India for first bilateral visit in hope of boosting ties with countries further afield.
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Embaixador da Índia quer aproximação com agricultura e tecnologia gaúchas

Buscando estreitar as relações entre o Rio Grande do Sul e a Índia, o embaixador da Índia no Brasil, Suresh K. Reddy, veio ao Estado para cumprir uma agenda de dois dias. Liderando uma comitiva, junto com o cônsul-geral da Índia no Brasil, Amit Kumar Mishra, o embaixador visitou empresas que operam no país asiático, além de tratar com o governo trocas de conhecimento em diversas áreas, especialmente agropecuária.
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India farmers’ protests: Gov’t resumes talks with farmers

Second day of talks aims to break an impasse over laws passed earlier this year that farmers say will benefit corporations.
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India is playing a very major role in the world, says Ambassador Hans Dannenberg Castellanos

In his first farewell interview, Ambassador Hans Dannenberg Castellanos who is soon going to his next posting in Moscow shares his views on the relations of India-Latin America, growing interest about India in the region and how his two sons are in love with India.
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Unwarranted’: India slams Canada PM’s remarks on farmer protests

India accuses Justin Trudeau of interfering in its internal affairs after Canadian Prime Minister commented on the ongoing farmers’ protests.
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Angry Farmers Choke India’s Capital in Giant Demonstrations

Tens of thousands have arrived in tractors and trailers, many traveling hundreds of miles, to block roads into New Delhi and protest recently passed pro-market agricultural policies.
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India's Jaishankar: Abraham Accords open doors for UAE-Indo relations

Speaking to WAM in Abu Dhabi, India's External Affairs minister ensured and enshrined its long-standing relationship with the UAE, although stating that it has not yet "realized its full potential."
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India's full year GDP to decline by 10 percent: analyst

The Indian economy shrank 7.5 percent year-on-year in the quarter from July to September, the second negative growth in 2020, according to statistics released by the National Statistical Office of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation of India (MOSPI) on Friday.
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India Enters Recession as Virus Pummels No. 3 Asian Economy

India entered an unprecedented recession with the economy contracting in the three months through September due to the lingering effects of lockdowns to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.
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Can India be part of Asia’s growth story without the RCEP – or China’s trust?

New Delhi’s rejection of the trade pact was largely driven by concerns about Beijing, with which it is locked in a bitter border stand-off. Whether India can continue to compete economically in the region could depend on individual trade agreements with other countries es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino