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Economía Folha de Sao Paulo - Brasil Relaciones Bilaterales Patrícia Campos Mello

Bolsonaro assinará na índia acordos para elevar comércio

Em viagem ao país asiático a partir do dia 25, presidente firmará tratados com o objetivo de diversificar exportações
Economía Valor Econômico - Brasil Relaciones Bilaterales Daniel Rittner

Acordos abrem ´relação 2.0´ com a índia

Relações externas: Visita de Bolsonaro terá assinatura de tratados sobre investimentos, previdência e tributos
Política Financial Express - India Política Económica Abhishek Jha and Seema Bathla

Looking beyond RCEP episode: Why surge in exports should be an outcome of market forces

Undoubtedly, Indian markets will still be lucrative (owing to rising middle class), but the gap will be truncated significantly.
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Despite India's Modi defending citizenship law, protests continue

At least 25 dead so far in protests as PM Narendra Modi says India's 200 million Muslims 'need not worry'.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Rebecca Ratcliffe

India citizenship law: protesters across country defy ban

Two mobile networks cut services as access to internet is restricted in some areas.
Cancillería Prensa Latina - Cuba Relaciones Bilaterales

Embajador de Argentina resalta posibilidades en comercio con India

El embajador de Argentina en la India, Daniel Chuburu, destacó hoy las posibilidades del incremento de la relación comercial de ese país latinoamericano con la India.
Sociedad Global Times - China Sociedad

India, China treated differently by West on ethnic issue

Riots erupted in Assam and West Bengal of India amid the controversial amendment to an act. The Citizenship Amendment Act excluded Muslims who came to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to escape religious persecution before December 31, 2014 to get Indian citizenship.
Argentina Financial Express - India Relaciones Bilaterales Huma Siddiqui

India and Argentina: Celebrating 70 years of relationship and exploring new areas to deepen ties

India is eyeing an additional $1.5 billion worth of shipments in various sectors including defence, textiles and bicycles. New Delhi has also been promoting ethnic products like Khadi and Alphonso mangoes.
Política The Japan Times - Japón Relaciones Bilaterales

Common enmity shouldn't guide Japan-India ties

The Japan-India partnership made progress last weekend when the two governments held their first “two plus two meeting,” a security discussion among their foreign and defense ministers.
Política Financial Express - India Relaciones Bilaterales Huma Siddiqui

India-Brazil ties: Leaders of both sides will focus on expansion of ties, says envoy

“We understand that India has given Brazil the biggest recognition by having our president as the chief guest at the Republic Day Celebrations. And this invitation is also a validation of the recognition India gives to the LatAm region. It is very clear that Brazil is a priority for India,” the envoy said.
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Herb Keinon

To India's Modi, Netanyahu remains a 'dear friend'

“My dear friend Bibi,” Modi wrote in a tweet. “Thank you for your message on India's #ConstitutionDay. Israel is a cherished strategic partner. We share and value the same principles of democracy.”
Economía La Nación - Paraguay Relaciones Bilaterales

India prevé invertir en el país

La comitiva empresarial recorrió varios departamentos del país
Economía Diario Financiero - Chile Relaciones Bilaterales Jorge Isla

Importación de medicamentos de menor precio: parte fiscalización en India y China

En paralelo, la próxima semana arriba misión de Corea del Sur para afinar acuerdo que busca traer fármacos desde ese país, potencia en bioequivalentes
Economía La Nación - Paraguay Inversiones

Empresarios de India con intenciones de invertir

En el marco de su visita al Paraguay interesa­dos en invertir en el ámbito de turismo, empre­sarios de la India visitaron el departamento de Itapúa y se reunieron con sus pares de Encarnación y autoridades locales.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Bhavan Jaipragas

China’s in, but, without India, is ‘world’s largest trade pact’, the RCEP, still such a big deal?

Modi’s shock move to abandon the RCEP trade deal has fed the cynics. But its fans are loyal, even in the face of research suggesting its impact on GDPs will be minima
Economía Sputnik - Rusia Economía Internacional

La India anuncia su propia 'guerra comercial' contra los principales países asiáticos

El Gobierno de la India cree que todos los acuerdos de libre comercio del pasado fueron acordados apresuradamente por el antiguo Ejecutivo de la Alianza Progresista Unida (UPA), y esto ha llevado a un aumento del déficit comercial del país.
Economía The Japan Times - Japón Economía Internacional

India's exit from RCEP leaves Japan and China unsure about future direction of free trade pact

India’s exit from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) regional trade talks appeared to leave China and Japan at odds over whether to press ahead with the remaining members — or to try to find a workaround that includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.
Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Organismos Internacionales Ben Doherty

World's largest trade deal RCEP faces delay as India pushes back against China

Sixteen-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership will cover half the planet’s people
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional

Merkel, Modi talk trade in India

Climate change, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are some of several areas in which Germany and India have agreed to boost cooperation. The countries' leaders kicked off talks by signing a range of agreements. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino