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Why Eurasia should matter to India

With China firming up alliances in the region, India needs to do more than concentrate on the Indo-Pacific.
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China ‘withdrawing troops’ from disputed border: Indian officials

The People’s Liberation Army has called back forces at several points on the Himalayan border where 20 Indian troops were recently killed, officials say. But suspicions remain high and potential flashpoints remain, caution experts.
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'Our pastures have been taken': Indians rue China's Himalayan land grab

Exclusive: image obtained by Guardian shows substantial Chinese military structures erected despite agreements to disengage.
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China and India to move troops ‘in batches’ from disputed border

Military commanders aim to prevent accidental clashes but without political settlement stand-off is expected to continue. Agreement follows deadliest skirmish in decades over disputed border in the Himalayas.
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Bloomberg: refinerías de India detuvieron las compras de petróleo venezolano

14:33 - Nicolás Maduro ha enviado crudo a China, Cuba, España e Italia desde el mes de junio, pero las cargas a Europa están destinadas a saldar viejas deudas y no generan los ingresos necesarios para el régimen socialista
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China insiste en responsabilizar a India del enfrentamiento en la frontera y pide "castigos"

China ha insistido este miércoles en responsabilizar a India del enfrentamiento del pasado 16 de junio en la frontera en el que murieron 20 militares indios, pidiendo además que se castigue a los responsables de lo sucedido por boca del portavoz del Ministerio de Defensa, Wu Qian, que sin embargo ha confiado en que la paz y la estabilidad prevalezcan.
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Rusia descarta mediar entre China e India y dice que no necesitan "ayuda externa" para rebajar la tensión

El ministro de Exteriores de Rusia, Sergei Lavrov, ha descartado este martes que Moscú medie entre China e India tras la disputa generada a raíz de los enfrentamientos del martes pasado en la frontera común y ha asegurado que la "ayuda externa" no es necesaria para rebajar la tensión entre ambos países.
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Here's why tensions are running high on India and China's border

Modi sells himself as a guardian of India. But a deadly clash with his most powerful neighbour shows his rhetoric has limits.
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Análise: A Índia irá ficar do lado dos EUA contra a China?

Novas tensões serão maior teste até agora para saber se país está pronto ou disposto a enfrentar aumento real de poder
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Indians call for boycott of Chinese goods after fatal border clashes

Indian officials plan to raise import duties on around 300 Chinese products as protests break out around the country.
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Explained: Why banning trade with China will hurt India more

India-China Border Face-off: Given China’s centrality and India’s insignificant share in global trade, banning trade will barely hurt China while adversely impacting Indian consumers and businesses.
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Germany's Maas urges India, China to 'de-escalate' border tensions

In a wide-ranging interview with DW, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urged India and China to "de-escalate" their deadly border spat. He also said NATO would endure despite Trump's plan to trim US troop numbers in Germany.
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Canciller chino insta a comunicación más estrecha entre China y la India para mantener la paz fronteriza

El consejero de Estado y ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China, Wang Yi, sugirió el miércoles que China y la India fortalezcan la comunicación y la coordinación para abordar adecuadamente la situación fronteriza y mantengan conjuntamente la paz y la tranquilidad en las zonas fronterizas.
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The drums of war in Asia grow louder

Chinese President Xi Jinping, meanwhile, is at the helm of a state that’s growing more aggressive, from its hostile rhetoric toward Taiwan to its clampdowns on civil liberties in Hong Kong, to its assertive stance in the Himalayas
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India summons Pakistan envoy, registers protest on abduction of officials in Islamabad

India on Tuesday summoned the charge d’ affaires of the high commission of Pakistan in Delhi Haider Shah and lodged a strong protest on the issue of the abduction and torture of two officials of the high commission of India in Islamabad by Pakistan security agencies.
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India says three soldiers killed in Ladakh 'face-off' with China

Global Times newspaper says Chinese troops also suffered casualties in the first such clash since 1975.
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Exclusive: China, India border troops conduct multi-level meetings amid tensions

A source told the Global Times on Friday that Chinese and Indian border troops are conducting multi-level meetings on the ground to promote the implementation of a high-level consensus and to bring divergences under control at the frontline.
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China says 'positive consensus' with India over border dispute

Consensus achieved after 'effective communication' through diplomatic and military channels, says Chinese ministry. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino