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India’s rising inflation puts pressure on Modi government

Poor households struggle with increasing prices for essentials such as food and fuel
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Rusia anuncia un acuerdo para producir en India 300 millones de dosis al año de su vacuna Sputnik V

Rusia anunció este martes que llegó a un acuerdo con el Instituto del Suero de India (SII, por sus siglas en inglés), el fabricante de vacunas más grande del mundo, para producir 300 millones de dosis anuales de Sputnik V, el principal fármaco ruso contra el coronavirus.
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China, India Move Tens of Thousands of Troops to the Border in Largest Buildup in Decades

Both countries have built new infrastructure to support larger deployments and positioned advanced military equipment in the region
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Jaishankar meets Argentine FM, discusses space, nuclear, lithium, investment, yoga

In a tweet, Jaishankar said, "A good first meeting with Argentine FM @felipe_sola. Discussed space, nuclear, lithium, investment and yoga."
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Delta Coronavirus Variant Prompts Limits in Australia, Israel, as India Warns of New Mutation

17:06 - Parts of Sydney lock down, Israeli government brings back indoor masking; India warns of new mutation in challenge to Covid-19 pandemic controls
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India Warns of New Versions of Delta Variant Spreading

The country has detected about 50 cases containing a mutation that wasn’t in the original variant
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How COVID vaccines work against the Delta variant

14:30 - Here is what you need to know about the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines against the variant first identified in India.
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More trade deals key to boosting exports

Higher import duties a big hurdle; India must negotiate harder and become part of RCEP-like trade deals
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Trade Winds: Commerce secretary Anup Wadhawan says India to start FTA talks with UK, EU this year

Since its pull-out of the Beijing-dominated RCEP trade negotiations in November 2019, India has been seeking to expedite talks with key economies for “fair” and “balanced” trade pacts.
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La vacuna de Pfizer genera menos anticuerpos contra la variante la india

19:53 - Una investigación publicada en The Lancet encontró que el nivel de anticuerpos en sangre capaces de neutralizar la variante india es menor respecto a otras variantes.
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India’s Economy Showed Momentum Before Virus Crisis Hit Home

GDP growth in fourth quarter came in at 1.6% vs 1% estimate. Growth this year seen at world-beating pace despite virus
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India’s Covid Surge Hit Young Patients Hard and Fast

12:59 - Doctors say they believe a fast-spreading variant is more virulent, adding to pressure on overwhelmed hospitals.
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Ampliação de acordo ente Mercosul e Índia seria benéfico, aponta Ipea

Reduções de barreiras não tarifárias melhoraria ainda mais o cenário, mostram simulações do economista Fernando Ribeiro
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BJP supporters say ‘won’t forgive’ Modi for COVID ‘indifference’

India prime minister’s handling of the pandemic that has killed more than 300,000 people leads to disillusionment even among his ardent supporters.
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Cepa india que circula en Argentina y Brasil es más letal y amenaza al sistema boliviano

21:47 - Los especialistas nacionales recomiendan cumplir con las medidas de bioseguridad para evitar contagiarse de las nuevas variantes de coronavirus que son más contagiosas
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‘Everybody is angry’: Modi under fire over India’s Covid second wave

From an approval rating of 80% earlier in the year, now tough questions are being asked of PM’s leadership
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WHO declares coronavirus mutation in India ‘variant of concern’

17:31 - UN health agency classifies the coronavirus mutation detected in India as ‘a variant of concern at the global level’. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino