Incremento de tarifas

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New tariffs on shoes, televisions, diapers and other Chinese-made products take effect Sunday

The casualty list from the U.S.-China trade war will include American consumers on Sunday when President Trump’s next round of tariffs on Chinese products takes effect, capping a month of contradictory policy announcements and second thoughts.
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China takes cautious steps with new tariffs, leaving most to December

China pushed ahead Sunday with increased duties of between 5% to 10% on a variety of major American exports, including soybeans and crude oil. The Chinese side has called for the cancellation of all additional tariffs as part of a trade agreement.
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China announces fresh tariffs on US$75 billion of US products

Beijing to raise tariffs on items originating in the US from 5 per cent to 10 per cent in two batches
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China importers seek to lift tariffs on U.S. farm goods: state media

Chinese importers are applying to their government to lift tariffs on some U.S. agricultural imports, state media reported on Sunday, three weeks after the two sides reached a truce in their trade war.
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México hace un gesto a EEUU con el envío de 6.000 efectivos de la Guardia Nacional a la frontera con Guatemala

El Gobierno mexicano hizo este anuncio al concluir el segundo día de negociaciones para evitar la imposición de aranceles estadounidenses a todos los productos mexicanos
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Aplicação no México pode migrar para Brasil

A ameaça feita pelo presidente dos Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, de impor tarifas sobre importações mexicanas pode fazer com que parte dos recursos de investidores estrangeiros migrem para o Brasil mesmo que essas medidas não se concretizem, avaliam analistas de mercado.
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Previo a día clave, Trump enfría optimismo de México

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, mantuvo firme su amenaza de imponer aranceles a México si persiste la inmigración ilegal, aunque la medida es cuestionada en las filas del Partido Republicano. El gobierno mexicano, por su parte, se mostró “optimista” de poder evitar la ofensiva arancelaria.
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Mexico’s Response to Tariffs Won’t Make Trump Happy

Mexico can’t end the migrant flow by itself. But it can—and likely will—raise tariffs that target swing states.
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Trump says tariffs on Mexican imports to take effect next week, despite Mexican optimism for a deal

President Trump emphasized Tuesday that he plans to slap a 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods next week, even as Mexican officials expressed optimism they could reach a deal to head off the penalties.
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos David J. Lynch

Trump’s tariff threat to Mexico may upend trade deal, undermine the economy

The tariffs could undermine an economic relationship that has been deepening for decades, and throw into chaos corporate and agricultural supply chains that have essentially worked in a system without tariffs since the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.
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China Announces Tariff Retaliation to Take Effect on June 1

China announced that it will impose additional tariffs on some American goods in retaliation for the latest increase of U.S. duties on $200 billion of Chinese imports.
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Government raises import tariff rate

On May 6th the government mandated, via executive decree, an increase in the tariff on merchandise imports to 2.5%, up from 0.5% previously. The policy seeks to provide a temporary boost to public revenue, and will expire atyear-end.
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Stocks tumble as Trump threatens to raise Chinese import tariffs

Donald Trump has threatened to raise tariffs on all Chinese imports to 25 per cent, sharply ratcheting up pressure on Beijing to make concessions in trade talks and sending Chinese and European stocks lower.
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L’Argentina e le lezioni mai imparate

Per la 5° volta in 50 anni l'Argentina precipita in una crisi valutaria grave; il Fondo Monetario Internazionale è sceso in campo con un programma record per 57 miliardi di $, di cui 15 già sborsati. La recessione in arrivo ripropone inquietanti similarità con quella del 2001 che derivano dall'applicazione azzardata di ricette neo-liberiste.
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India raises tariffs on imports in bid to shore up rupee

Country is latest to adopt protectionist measures in face of emerging market pressure. India's currency, the rupee, has fallen about 13% against the US dollar this year.
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G20 Industry Groups Press Governments to Defend Free Trade

BERLIN — A self-styled "Global Business Coalition" of industry groups has urged the Group of 20 leading economies to counter threats to global free trade.
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Trump to impose 25 percent tariff on $50 billion in Chinese products, broadening the trade war

President Trump on Friday will announce a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of Chinese products, the latest move in his intensifying campaign to rewrite the rules of global trade. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino