Hong Kong

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China warns Hong Kong protesters of severe repercussions

Demonstrators in Hong Kong should not underestimate China's "immense strength," a government official has warned. Unrest has reached new levels in recent days and punishment is "only a matter of time."
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Hong Kong brought to a standstill as city-wide strikes and protests hit

More than 150 flights cancelled and train services suspended as city braces for fresh marches
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Hong Kong police arrest pro-independence figure amid further protests

Founder of the banned Hong Kong National party among eight arrests by police as public servants prepare to march
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Hong Kong protests: China condemns 'horrendous incidents'

lthough authorities in Beijing have condemned the protests and reiterated their support for Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam on several occasions, Monday's intervention is widely seen as conveying the official views of China's top leadership on the civil unrest for the first time.
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Hong Kong airport staff stage protest against Yuen Long attack

Flight attendants and airport staff join protesters to condemn government and police
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El Ejército chino advierte de que puede intervenir en Hong Kong para mantener el orden

Tras los enfrentamientos del domingo, el Ministerio de Defensa recuerda que la guarnición en la ciudad puede ser desplegada a petición del Gobierno local
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Una banda de enmascarados apalea a manifestantes prodemocracia en el metro de Hong Kong

Una larga marcha pacífica recorrió el centro de la ciudad durante el día hasta que con la noche llegó la violencia. Los enfrentamientos fueron especialmente violentos en el área adyacente a la terminal del ferri a Macao
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Carrie Lam, la líder que prometió unir Hong Kong y aumentó la división

La jefa del Gobierno de la antigua colonia británica afronta un futuro incierto tras las masivas protestas contra el proyecto de ley que permitía extraditar sospechosos a China
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Hong Kong extradition bill 'is dead' says Carrie Lam

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said the controversial bill that would have allowed extradition to the Chinese mainland "is dead".
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Jeremy Hunt refuses to rule out sanctions against China

Foreign secretary says UK will always put its principles first, as Hong Kong row escalates
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China protests over British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s warning on Hong Kong agreement

03/07 - 10:36 - Beijing accuses Conservative leadership contender of interfering after calling for handover deal to ‘be honoured’. Attack on ‘shameless’ and ‘hypocritical’ Hunt raises questions about how far it sees itself as bound by the 1984 joint declaration.
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What's next for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement?

02/07 - 17:17 - Politicians appeal to the public to understand the root cause of unprecedented legislature attack.
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Hong Kong protest: China says violent demonstrations 'totally intolerable'

Beijing’s liaison office says storming of parliament is ‘an extreme challenge’ to the rule of law
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Las razones únicas por las que millones de personas protestan en Hong Kong

01/07 - 17:38 - Las imágenes que se vieron en Hong Kong durante el mes pasado fueron sorprendentes: millones de manifestantes vestidos de negro que marchaban por las calles y miles de manifestantes de sombrero amarillo irrumpieron en la sede del gobierno.
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Why Hong Kong’s Protesters Are Turning to G-20 Leaders for Help

26/06 - 17:22 - Protesters in Hong Kong have flooded the streets and the grounds of government offices in rallies over the past three weeks against an unpopular bill that has thrown the territory into a political crisis. On Wednesday, they directed their appeals to a new audience: the world.
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«Hong Kong seguirá protestando para presionar a China en el G-20»

Entrevista a Joshua Wong, el activista más joven y combativo de la excolonia británica, que anuncia nuevas movilizaciones por la retirada total de la ley de extradición
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China will not allow G20 to discuss Hong Kong, says foreign minister

Foreign powers have no right to interfere in ‘internal affair’, says Zhang Jun, as Beijing also calls for trade compromise
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Hong Kong chief Carrie Lam offers 'sincere and solemn' apology

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has offered a “sincere and solemn” apology to the people of her city, and hinted that she had effectively shelved the controversial law that sparked the current crisis as she reached for a compromise with protesters .
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