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Hong Kong

Política The Straits Times - Singapur Política Internacional

China abandoning path to openness, says Switzerland

China is moving away from the path of openness and the West will respond more decisively if it continues to do so, Switzerland's Foreign Minister told a newspaper on Sunday (Aug 2).
Política Reuters Política Internacional

China embassy criticises Germany's suspension of extradition treaty with Hong Kong

31/07 - 13:28 - China’s embassy in Germany condemned Berlin’s suspension of its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, a move Germany said was a response to the postponement of an election in the Chinese city.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política

Concern as Hong Kong postpones elections for a year, citing Covid-19

15:31 - The decision is ‘an assault on fundamental freedoms’, says Hong Kong Watch, as democracy deteriorates
Política La Vanguardia - España Política Internacional

Más detenciones de estudiantes y veto a 12 candidatos en Hong Kong

Los jóvenes fueron arrestados por violar la ley de Seguridad Nacional, incluida la secesión.
Política ABC - España Política Internacional Pablo M. Diéz

La líder de Hong Kong pospone las elecciones legislativas en otro golpe a la oposición democrática

Carrie Lam ha hecho el anuncio este viernes, después de que ayer fueran descalificados para los comicios doce líderes contrarios a Pekín
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional

Hong Kong asks China’s top legislative body to resolve legal problems with postponing elections

National People’s Congress Standing Committee to make a decision on the outstanding legal and constitutional issues over pushing vote back one year. Opposition camp, which saw 12 hopefuls disqualified on Thursday, earlier warned of constitutional crisis if public’s voice not heard.
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional

EU restricts exports to Hong Kong over China security law

The EU has agreed to stop exporting surveillance technology to Hong Kong, with Germany saying it will treat the territory "the same way as the rest of China" on exporting sensitive dual-use goods.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Patrick Wintour

European committee chairs jointly condemn China over Hong Kong

23/07 - 21:01 - Chairs of eight parliamentary foreign affairs committees say new security law infringes human rights
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política J. EDWARD MORENO

Hong Kong announces new coronavirus policy that could block many US travelers

12:21 - Hong Kong announced a new coronavirus policy Wednesday that would impose travel restrictions on those coming from the U.S.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional

UK risks China’s wrath by suspending Hong Kong extradition treaty

20/07 - 12:22 - Foreign secretary also bans export of riot control kit in response to security crackdown
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional Sarah Zheng

Beijing envoy says Washington must decide if it is ready to accept rise of China

Ambassador Cui Tiankai tells CNN his country has ‘legitimate right’ to modernise in wide-ranging interview. Hong Kong national security law, South China Sea claims and US sanctions over Xinjiang also raised
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional Stuart Lau y Catherine wong

Any UK move to suspend extradition treaty interferes in domestic affairs and will meet retaliation, says China

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman condemns British remarks on national security law and Uygur human rights. The timing of Beijing’s promise of countermeasures coincides with a visit to London by US Secretary of State to formulate a joint US-UK strategy on China.
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional

Dominic Raab signals UK to suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong

The Foreign Secretary is due to update MPs on the Government's next steps in a statement on Monday
Política Global Times - China Política Internacional

China summons US ambassador in protest over ‘HK Act’

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang on Wednesday summoned US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad, and lodged solemn representations over the US signing of the so-called Hong Kong Autonomy Act and related executive orders.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Lily Kuo

US considers travel ban on millions of China Communist party members – report

Draft proposal could reportedly revoke US visas for all party members amid growing rift over Huawei, Hong Kong and trade.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política

Pompeo says China will 'absolutely' pay a price for pandemic

13:43 - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday said that the world will “absolutely” make China pay a price for the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, saying the cost will likely be reflected in changing relations with the world’s second largest economy.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Helen Davidson

China promises 'firm response' to Trump's order ending Hong Kong's special status

Beijing says US move to rescind Hong Kong’ preferential economic treatment over new security laws is a ‘mistake’.
Política El Mundo - España Política Internacional

Trump anuncia el final del tratamiento preferencial de EEUU para Hong Kong

14/07 - 19:04 - "Hoy firmé la legislación y la orden ejecutiva para hacer que China sea responsabilizada por sus acciones opresivas contra el pueblo de Hong Kong", afirmó Trump en una conferencia de prensa. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino