Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Is Holding Elections. It Wants Them to Look Real.

China has already determined the outcome, but the government is pressuring opposition parties to participate to lend the vote legitimacy.
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EE.UU. ofrece asilo a honkoneses por represión de China

El beneficio DED a los residentes de Hong Kong les permitirá permanecer en Estados Unidos durante 18 meses aunque sus visas hayan expirado.
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Stop dreaming about unsettling Hong Kong: Chinese FM commissioner urges US

Those who want to disturb the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and contain China are doomed to fail and they should drop the illusion before it is too late, a spokesperson of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in the HKSAR said in a release on Friday.
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Hong Kong Protester Is Sentenced to 9 Years in First Security Law Case

Tong Ying-kit, 24, who drove a motorcycle into police officers while carrying a protest flag, was convicted of terrorism and inciting secession.
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Guilty verdict in first Hong Kong trial held under national security law

Tong Ying-kit case seen as a departure from common law traditions, with accused denied bail and a jury trial
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Biden to Aim Hong Kong Warning at Investors Shrugging Off Risks

15:43 - A formal warning the Biden administration plans to issue to companies doing business in Hong Kong springs from U.S. officials’ concern that investors aren’t taking the risks of operating in the city seriously enough, according to people familiar with the issue.
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China and Argentina join forces to bully Britain over Falkland Islands – ‘Colonialist!’

30/06 CHINA has backed Argentina's claim of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, setting alarm bells ringing in Westminster.
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Lei de Segurança Nacional provoca emergência de direitos humanos em Hong Kong, diz Anistia Internacional

19:04 - Sem citar a ONG, governo do território diz que se opõe fortemente às 'observações grosseiramente enganosas'
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Helen Davidson

Hong Kong’s courts should reflect China’s will, says official

Statement seen as warning to judiciary to uphold Beijing’s interests or risk losing independence
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HK’s security chief promoted to No 2 job amid crackdown

Move seen as a tightening of China’s grip as rights group accuses Beijing of ‘systematically dismantling’ the political and civil rights of Hong Kong people.
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El principal periódico prodemocrático de Hong Kong anuncia su cierre

El Apple Daily se ve forzado a bajar la persiana tras la reciente detención de varios altos cargos y la congelación de sus fondos
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China allana diario prodemocracia en Hong Kong

La policía apresa a tres ejecutivos y dos periodistas, incluyendo al director del periódico y congeló los bienes del Apple Daily bajo la acusación de "poner en peligro la seguridad nacional".
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Entra en vigor acuerdo de protección de inversiones entre México y Hong Kong

La inversión acumulada de esa entidad en territorio mexicano sumó mil 180 mdd, convirtiéndose así en el inversionista número 26 de México. https://www.milenio.com/negocios/entra-vigor-comercial-mexico-hong-kong
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China accuses G7 of ‘manipulation’ after criticism over Xinjiang and Hong Kong

The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom has responded angrily to the communique and accused the G7 of ‘interfering’
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Beijing won total control over Hong Kong. Now, the ‘brainwashing’ begins.

For a place that has been stripped of its democratic rights during a pandemic, some days in Hong Kong still feel routine.
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Japan Calls on China to Improve Conditions for Uyghurs, Hong Kong

15:25 - Unusually strong criticism from Tokyo comes ahead of Japanese prime minister’s trip to Washington
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China desnaturaliza el Parlamento de Hong Kong

20:35 - Pekín reduce al mínimo la elección directa de diputados
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Tiffany May

China’s Overhaul of Hong Kong Elections Gives Security Bodies a Key Role

New rules give the bodies power to investigate all potential candidates, meaning opposition politicians face steep odds of even being allowed to run.
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