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Iraqi PM rallies allies to stop US closing embassy after Pompeo threats

17:27 - US warned Mustafa al-Kadhimi it will withdraw diplomats if Baghdad fails to prevent rocket attacks
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En la crisis libanesa, Francia y Estados Unidos discrepan sobre Hezbolá

Cuando se trata de Líbano, Francia y Estados Unidos coinciden en la necesidad de sacar al país de la crisis, pero mantienen posiciones opuestas sobre Hezbolá. Washington quiere combatir la influencia del movimiento proiraní y París, en nombre del pragmatismo, lo considera un actor ineludible.
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Hezbollah denies storing weapons at Beirut port depot

07/08 - 14:53 - Hezbollah’s leader on Friday denied accusations that his Iran-backed movement has arms warehoused at Beirut port, calling for an investigation into the biggest explosion to hit the Lebanese capital.
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UN Secretary-General Guterres calls on Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah

05/08 - 13:33 - Israel and the United States want the UNSC to expand the mandate to better empower UNIFIL to investigate violations by Hezbollah.
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Ashkenazi urges Latin American countries to ban Hezbollah

05/08 - 12:21 - Foreign Minister offers Beirut disaster aid: “We differentiate between Hezbollah and the Lebanese people.”
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Netanyahu warns Hezbollah amid high tensions along northern border

Following thwarted attempt to plant explosives on Golan border, PM says Israel’s foes should know ‘we will do what is necessary in order to defend ourselves’.
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Netanyahu: Hezbollah is playing with fire

27/07 - 16:06 - Netanyahu warned that Israel will hold Hezbollah and Lebanon responsible for any attacks from Lebanon into Israel.
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IDF says it foiled Hezbollah attack along Lebanese border; no Israeli injuries

12:15 - Hezbollah cell crossed into Israeli-controlled Mount Dov, military says, as the terror group seeks revenge over killing of its fighter in alleged Israeli strike last week
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Iran’s presence from Lebanon's Beirut to Venezuela's Caracas

08/06 - 15:56 - While we blink, Iran can use this moment to make enormous strides. Venezuela can well become the new Syria for Iran, stretching Hezbollah’s presence throughout Chile and Argentina to Mexico, just south of our border, threatening the continental US with their new and improved missile capability.
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Lacalle dijo que analiza declarar a Hezbolá organización terrorista

20/05 - 16:52 - El presidente participó de una videoconferencia del Comité Judío Americano
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Iván Duque denunció en EE UU apoyo de Maduro a Hezbolá

13:06 - El presidente de Colombia aseguró que su gobierno trabajará con sus aliados para luchar contra cada una de las organizaciones terroristas del mundo
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Argentina extiende por seis meses el congelamiento de activos de Hezbollah

Argentina extendió por otros seis meses el congelamiento de bienes y activos financieros de la organización islámica libanesa Hezbollah, a la que la Justicia del país atribuye el atentado contra la mutua judía AMIA de 1994, que dejó 85 muertos, confirmaron este martes fuentes oficiales.
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Lebanon announces formation of new government

16:34 - Lebanon was without an effective government since Saad Hariri resigned in October.
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Pompeo praises 3 South American countries for declaring Hezbollah a terror group

US secretary of state applauds Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala; slams Venezuela for providing Iran-backed Lebanese organization with ‘a home’ in his country.
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EEUU y países de América Latina discutirán sobre la presencia de Hezbolá y otros grupos terroristas en Venezuela

Estados Unidos está preocupado por la presencia en Venezuela de redes de Hezbolá, el grupo terrorista apoyado por Irán, un tema que discutirá el secretario de Estado Mike Pompeo en una reunión sobre los esfuerzos contra el terrorismo que agrupará el lunes en Colombia a varios ministros del hemisferio.
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Israeli FM, US top diplomat urge more countries to blacklist Hezbollah entirely

Following UK’s move, Katz and Pompeo call on nations to add the political wing of Iran-backed Lebanese group to terror list.
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Honduras to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization

Country will join Guatemala and South American nations that have moved to ban the Lebanese group.
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Hezbollah chief urges attacks, including suicide bombings, on US bases in region

Nasrallah says Israel asked Americans to kill Quds Force commander Soleimani, predicts US will leave the Middle East ‘in coffins,’ followed by ‘Zionists’
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