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Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional Frank Tang

China revamps trade negotiation team ahead of possible fresh talks with Biden administration

China’s Ministry of Commerce reshuffle lays out new trade team that would work directly with the United States, and in other international forums. Joe Biden said last month that he will maintain current trade tariffs on China and make no immediate changes to the phase-one deal signed a year ago
Economía China Daily - China Economía Internacional Zhao Huanxin

US businesses oppose call for keeping tariffs on China

The cost of US tariffs on China has far exceeded any benefits derived from them, so the incoming administration in Washington should roll them back, a major American business group said on Monday as the United States' trade chief advised President-elect Joe Biden to retain the punitive measures on China.
Economía NBC News - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Kevin Carmichael

As China eclipses the U.S. economy, here's what Biden can do that Trump didn't: Ask for help

Washington and Beijing are becoming economic equals. The risk is that they won't stay that way, as bad things happen when existing powers won't make way for new ones.
Política BBC - Reino Unido Política Internacional

China-US trade war: Beijing escalates tit-for-tat with Washington

The rules primarily focus on the export of military technologies and other products that might harm China's national security.
Economía El Espectador - Colombia Economía Internacional

El excedente comercial de China con Estados Unidos volvió a aumentar en octubre

Es el mayor excedente comercial bilateral chino de este año después de las cifras de julio y septiembre.
Economía O Estado de Sao Paulo - Brasil Economía Internacional Celso Ming

Tamanho da vitória nos EUA importa

A percepção que hoje prevalece, não só entre os administradores de empresas, mas também junto às classes médias dos EUA (e, portanto, no eleitor que agora vai escolher seu presidente) é a de que o ambiente de negócios está se estreitando e os empregos minguam.
Política Foreign Affairs - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Isaac Stone Fish

Wilbur Ross Remained on Chinese Joint Venture Board While Running U.S.-China Trade War

16:22 - Chinese documents show that the U.S. commerce secretary did not successfully step down from all his corporate commitments
Economía Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Economía Internacional Kira Schacht

The real winners of the US-China trade dispute

With tariffs on Chinese products high, US importers are turning to other countries. A DW analysis shows where Americans are now buying their cell phones, computers, furniture and clothing from instead.
Política El País - España Política Internacional Diego García-Sayan

Esa guerra no es nuestra guerra

Latinoamérica debe abrirse al mundo de manera que nuestros países no queden atados a “optar” entre Estados Unidos y China o se conviertan en terreno de disputa.
Economía El Economista - México Tecnología

China amenaza con boicotear a Apple si Trump prohíbe WeChat en EU

China podría boicotear los productos de Apple en el país si Estados Unidos prohíbe la aplicación china WeChat, advirtió este viernes un portavoz del gobierno chino, en un contexto de tensiones crecientes entre las dos potencias.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Wendy Wu

Countdown to US-China trade talks but little hope of bigger breakthrough

Representatives from both countries to discuss phase one deal on the weekend as tensions flare on range of fronts
Política El País - España Politica Latinoamericana Rocío Montes

“América Latina requiere que México y Brasil estén un poquito coordinados”

El expresidente chileno, que publica la segunda parte de sus memorias, considera “inaceptable” una presidencia estadounidense del BID y analiza los desafíos de la región. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino