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Economía La Vanguardia - España Economía Internacional

EEUU abre la puerta a nuevos aranceles a China para proteger su langosta

22:02 - Estados Unidos le abrió la puerta este miércoles a la imposición de nuevos aranceles a China para proteger su industria pesquera, y en concreto a los pescadores de langosta, que considera "la joya de la corona" del sector.
Economía China Daily - China Economía Internacional Zhao Huanxin

Top two economies urged to collaborate amid pandemic

Washington and Beijing should start with expediting visas for health experts, removing tariff barriers on lifesaving medical equipment as well as refraining from export bans on the equipment, said Ryan Hass, who was director for the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Mongolia affairs at the National Security Council between 2013 and 2017.
Economía El Heraldo - Colombia Economía Internacional Roberto Casas

Colombia podría exportar 108 productos hacia EEUU ante crisis de la COVID-19

20:32 - Desde AmCham están elaborando una estrategia para potenciar el sector manufacturero y de textiles utilizando como engranaje a la Alianza del Pacífico.
Economía Gulf Times - Qatar Economía Internacional

Asian markets mixed as rally stalls on China-US tensions

The further easing of lockdown measures and signs that economies could be past the worst of the coronavirus crisis kept investors upbeat yesterday, but markets fluctuated on profit-taking and concerns over China-US tensions.
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional

Trump takes step that could expand his trade war, targeting the way other countries treat U.S. tech firms

The Trump administration said Tuesday it was investigating digital services taxes being enforced or considered by several U.S. trading partners including the European Union, India and Brazil, opening the door to the first new tariffs since the economy tumbled into a deep recession.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional

China orders state traders to stop buying American farm goods, threatening phase one trade deal

Bloomberg reported China paused purchases of some American farm goods including soybeans as Beijing evaluates the ongoing tensions with the US over Hong Kong
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Jodi Xu Klein

US-China trade war slashes US$1.7 trillion from American companies’ market caps, Federal Reserve Bank of New York says

Higher tariffs are poised to reduce American firms’ investment growth rate by nearly 2 percentage points . Companies with exposure to China more affected as a slowdown in the Chinese economy reduces the return on investment American companies make there
Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Daniel Hurst

Australian government asks China for same reduction in trade barriers as US

14:30 - Request emerges as experts warn of ‘collateral damage’ from Xi Jinping and Donald Trump deal to end trade war. China’s decision to impose 80% tariffs on barley from Australia coincided with a move to allow imports of the same product from the US.
Economía Global Times - China Economía Internacional Jorge Heine

World trade, from bad to worse?

The recent resignation of World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Roberto Azevedo, effective in September, one year before the end of his second term in office, has thrown a monkey wrench into the world trading system. With the WTO already in serious trouble, this resignation could not have come at a worse moment.
Economía The Straits Times - Singapur Economía Internacional

Yuan hovers at 7½-month low on weak fixing

US-China tensions unlikely to abate, so yuan could face more downside pressure, say analysts
Economía Global Times - China Economía Internacional Chen Qingqing

Huawei ban drags China, US into tech cold war

Industries prepare for decoupling as worst scenario, accelerating homegrown technologies as Washington hawks destroy global supply chain
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Finbarr Bermingham

US-China blame game prompts Beijing hawks to ramp up criticism of phase one trade deal

Ahead of China’s crucial ‘two sessions’ policy meetings next week, criticism of the US-China trade deal has grown from state-backed news and social media outlets. Analysts suggest Beijing is still committed to phase one, but the gloves are off with regard to how the deal and the US handling of it is discussed in official organs
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Finbarr Bermingham

China announces new raft of US imports eligible for trade war tariff waivers amid rising superpower tensions

Second batch of trade war tariff exemptions covers 79 products, including ores, chemicals and certain medical products. Importers must apply for waivers within six months of the announcement, with the exclusion process active for one year from May 19 es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino