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U.S. Stalling Massive IMF Liquidity Boost Over Iran, China: Sources

U.S. opposition to opening new avenues of funding for Iran and China is preventing the International Monetary Fund from deploying a powerful tool to help countries fight the economic impact of the coronavirus, according to two sources familiar with the matter.
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La economía mexicana retrocederá un 6,6% en 2020, la mayor caída entre los grandes países de América

Solo Venezuela, inmersa en una profunda crisis desde hace años, sufrirá un batacazo mayor: del 15%. El PIB argentino bajará un 5,7% y el brasileño un 5,3%. La recuperación llegará en 2021
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IMF downgrades global growth forecast

Global growth will slow this year to its weakest rate since the financial crisis as the world heads into a “synchronised slowdown” as a result of trade tensions, Brexit and the unstable politics that is spreading across the world, the International Monetary Fund has warned.
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IMF downgrades world growth, warns of 'precarious' 2020

Global trade tensions, continued uncertainty and rising prospects for a no-deal Brexit are sapping the strength of the world economy, which faces a “precarious” 2020, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday.
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India's GDP number 'still has some issues': Gita Gopinath

Gita Gopinath has flagged concerns over the "deflator" used to calculate the real GDP.
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Le FMI demande que ses ressources financières soient sécurisées

La discussion concernant les moyens alloués au Fonds par ses Etats membres est un enjeu-clé des réunions de printemps de l’institution, du 9 au 14 avril, à Washington.
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IMF Appoints Harvard’s Gita Gopinath as Chief Economist

Gopinath is one of the leading scholars in exchange rates, sovereign debt and capital flows. Gita Gopinath during a debate at the IMF and World Bank Group annual meetings a year ago. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino