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At UN, Qatar emir questions world inaction on Israeli occupation

22/09 - 17:57 - Qatar's leader says Israel continues to carry out 'flagrant violation of international resolutions'.
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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal reached after weeks of Gaza balloon attacks

15:53 - In tacit acknowledgment of truce, Israel says it will fully reopen fishing zone, border crossings if situation remains calm
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Hamas issues fresh demands, Israel likely to accept; but will they fight anyway?

A dozen rockets were fired toward Gaza-adjacent Israeli communities over the course of one day, threatening to again spark open war between terror groups in the Strip and the IDF.
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After rocket fire, Israeli airstrikes target Hamas special forces base in Gaza

Projectile hits open area in Israeli territory, two girls lightly injured while running to bomb shelters in Ashkelon; arson balloons spark series of fires in southern Israel.
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Israeli planes bomb Gaza for seventh straight night

The Israeli air raids came as Egyptian officials arrive to defuse the latest uptick in violence.
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Israel strikes Hamas in Gaza for 4th straight night in response to arson attacks

18:59 - Latest airstrikes come after balloon-borne incendiary devices spark over 100 fires in past week, and as Israel-UAE deal stokes tensions in West Bank and Gaza
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Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza amid spate of balloon-borne arson attacks

IDF says warplanes, tanks, helicopters hit terror sites after airborne devices spark over 80 fires in recent days; Gantz orders halt to fuel imports into Strip.
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After rocket attack, Israel hits ‘underground’ Hamas targets in Gaza

Israeli warplanes hit several Hamas sites in central and southern Gaza Strip early Monday, the Israel Defense Forces said, hours after Palestinians fired a rocket into Israel from the coastal enclave.
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Israel alcanza "tres puestos militares de Hamás" en respuesta al lanzamiento de un cohete desde Gaza

El Ejército de Israel ha comunicado este miércoles que ha alcanzado "tres puestos militares de Hamás" situados en la Franja de Gaza en respuesta a un cohete lanzado desde el enclave.
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Hamas official says Israel will be to blame if Gaza sees virus outbreak

Deputy leader of terror group says medical supplies needed in Palestinian enclave, where there have been 13 reported COVID-19 cases.
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After 3 days without rockets, Israel ends ‘sanctions’ on Gaza

18/02 - 13:30 - Fishing zone extended back to 15 miles, 2,000 additional travel permits to be offered to Palestinian businessmen in the Strip, despite ongoing balloon-borne explosive attacks
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Ejército de Israel vuelve a bombardear objetivos de Hamás en Gaza

Tras tres días de calma, un nuevo intercambio de proyectiles entre el Ejército israelí y Hamás volvió a sacudir Gaza.
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IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire

15/01 - 18:13 - Rocket alert sirens were activated in southern Israel on Wednesday afternoon as four rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.
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Benjamin Netanyahu takes shelter after rocket launched from Gaza

Second attack in three months forces Israel’s prime minister to interrupt campaign rally.
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Israel reconoce que bombardeó por error dos chabolas donde murieron nueve civiles en Gaza

La investigación de las Fuerzas Armadas revela que, en contra de los datos de inteligencia, se trataba de un “recinto no cerrado con presencia de civiles”.
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La Yihad Islámica acepta un alto el fuego en Gaza tras dos días de bombardeos israelíes

La ofensiva ha causado 34 muertos, entre ellos ocho miembros de una familia palestina. La milicia islamista ha disparado 450 cohetes
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UN envoy: Coming days critical to prevent fourth Israeli-Gaza war

Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov has been in Cairo working with the Egyptians to bring Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza back from the bring of war.
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Gaza on high alert after suicide bombings kill Hamas policemen

Thousands attend funerals for 3 officers as terror group hunts for those behind the attacks; Islamic State sympathizers suspected
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional David M. Halbfinger

A Strange Symbiosis: Why Israel and Gaza Keep Fighting Brief Battles

06/05 - 21:31 - More than two dozen people were killed and homes and businesses destroyed in the weekend’s fighting between Israel and Gaza, but on Monday leaders on both sides declared themselves satisfied with the outcome.
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Trump and Netanyahu keep on colluding

When President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at the White House on Monday, the latter cheered the former with a joke. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino