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US companies hunt for loopholes to beat China tariffs

Lawyers warn customs workarounds carry risks as business counts costs of Trump penalties. US companies have issued a series of warnings about the economic fallout from the trade war ahead of a meeting planned this week between Mr Trump and Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, at the G20 summit in Osaka.
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Robin Harding

Early talks reveal G20 members’ frustration with China and the US

The US and China will come under pressure to ease trade tensions at the forthcoming G20 summit in Osaka as the Japanese presidency seeks to steer the world’s most powerful economies away from confrontation.
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Tensiones comerciales entre EEUU y China afectan de manera negativa a todos, dice canciller argentino

La guerra comercial iniciada por Estados Unidos contra China "afecta de manera negativa a todos", afirmó este martes el ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto de Argentina, Jorge Faurie.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Justin Carrigan

Warnings Won't Go Away as Trump-Xi Optimism Sparks Risk Rally

The prospect of a Trump-Xi meeting in Osaka next week lifted the mood across an emerging-market universe already confident the Federal Reserve will show the requisite dovishness at the end of its two-day meeting today. But markets, today at least, don’t appear too worried.
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Presidente argentino asistirá a cumbre del G20 y viajará a Indonesia y Francia

El presidente de Argentina, Mauricio Macri, viajará durante el mes de junio a Indonesia y Francia, y asistirá a la cumbre del Grupo de los Veinte (G20) que se efectuará del 28 al 29 de junio en la ciudad japonesa de Osaka.
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Elaine Kurtenbach

G-20 finance officials pledge to protect global growth

Finance ministers and central bank chiefs from the Group of 20 major economies wrapped up a meeting in Japan on Sunday with a pledge to use all the policies they can to protect global growth from disruptions due to trade and other tensions.
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G20 to seek stricter taxation rules for digital giants at Fukuoka meeting, draft statement shows

The Group of 20 major economies will pledge to accelerate their efforts to more effectively collect taxes from multinational digital companies like Google and Facebook, according to a draft of a joint statement by their finance chiefs.
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EU ministers to focus on trade tensions at G20

Resolving global trade tensions must be a top priority to preserve an expected modest rebound in global growth, European Union finance ministers will tell G20 counterparts this week amid an escalating U.S.-Chinese trade conflict.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Saleha Mohsin

Mnuchin's Deadlocked China Trade Talks Hang Over Pivotal G-20

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this weekend will have his first chance to break an impasse in a deepening trade war with China -- if officials from the two countries decide they want to jump-start talks at an international summit in Japan.
Economía El Universal - México Economía Internacional Ivette Saldaña

Tensiones comerciales amenazan al PIB global

La economía global entró en una fase de desaceleración por diversos factores, como la tensión comercial, por lo que es necesario que los países integrantes del G-20 reflexionen sobre la situación que se enfrenta y busquen nuevamente implementar políticas que generen crecimiento sustentable.
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Germany expresses readiness to work with Japan on free trade and WTO reform

Germany is ready to cooperate with Japan on promoting free trade and reforming the World Trade Organization, Germany’s economic minister, Peter Altmaier, said in a recent written interview with Jiji Press.
Economía The Japan Times - Japón Economía Internacional Kazuaki Nagata

At B20 in Tokyo, world business leaders urge stronger cooperation on looming challenges

As confidence in free trade appears to be waning mainly due to U.S. foreign policy and Brexit, international business leaders said Friday that stronger cross-border cooperation is needed more than ever to prevent further damage to the principles of globalization.
Argentina Global Times - China Economía Bai Yunyi

Taste of Argentina

18/12/18 - 06:38 - South American country offers huge trade potential for China
Argentina La Tercera - Chile Economía

Argentina gastó cerca de 78 millones de dólares para organizar cumbre del G20

La cifra incluye los gastos de logística y seguridad para la cumbre y para las 60 reuniones preparatorias previas.
Sr. Canciller Global Times - China Relaciones Bilaterales

China's commitment to openness, multilateralism a key stabilizer for world – experts

China's commitment to openness and multilateralism is a key stabilizer for the world amid rise of protectionism and unilateralism, experts across the globe have said.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Organismos Internacionales

The global economy needs more than a vague Trump trade truce

. It was a welcome surprise, therefore, when last weekend’s G20 summit in Buenos Aires produced an outcome that financial markets could celebrate.
Argentina Sputnik - Rusia Organismos Internacionales

Excanciller argentina: cumbre del G20 fue "sumamente positiva"

La cumbre de líderes del G20 en Buenos Aires fue muy provechosa ya que se concretaron reuniones bilaterales, se acordó una declaración final y la manifestación en contra del encuentro se desarrolló sin violencia, afirmó en una entrevista con Sputnik la exministra argentina de Relaciones Exteriores, Susana Malcorra.
Argentina La Tercera - Chile Organismos Internacionales Editorial

Positivo balance de la cumbre del G20

Cuando tras la crisis financiera de 2008 dejó de ser un espacio de mera coordinación económica entre ministros de finanzas para convertirse en una instancia política que reunió a los jefes de Estado de las 19 mayores economías del planeta más la UE, el G20 despertó altas expectativas.
Política Reuters Política Internacional Peter Apps

Commentary: For G20 leaders, greater problems yet to come

World leaders heading home after the weekend G20 might be justified in breathing brief sighs of relief. Unlike at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit two weeks ago, the heads of state were able to agree on a joint communiqué. A landmark meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping was claimed a success by both sides, avoiding further escalation of their trade war – at least for now.
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