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El BCE contempla un paquete de medidas para estimular la economía de la eurozona

En vez de llevar a cabo una secuencia de acciones aisladas, la institución ve necesaria “la combinación de recortes de tipos de interés y compra de activos”
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Ghost of Crisis Past Haunts European Markets

Global investors turned 3% underweight eurozone stocks this month compared with a 9% net overweight position in July. Dark clouds are gathering over the region, with the German GDP report raising the risk of recession for Europe’s largest economy.
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Debt and doom loops: The eurozone's Italian nightmare

Brexit hogs the headlines, but its significance to the EU economy pales in comparison with Italy. An anti-euro party could soon be running a country that owes European banks nearly half a trillion of that currency.
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Germany confronts growing risk of economic slowdown

After a decade of near-uninterrupted growth, Germany has shifted from being the powerhouse of the eurozone economy to lagging behind. Fears that manufacturing dip will hit jobs and services prompt stimulus debate.
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La OCDE alerta de signos de debilidad de la economía en Europa y los países del G7

La observación del organismo internacional coinciden con los temores a las consecuencias globales de la guerra comercial entre EEUU y China.
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Eurozone manufacturing activity worst in almost seven years

The woes of the eurozone’s manufacturers are worsening, with a closely watched gauge of the export-dependent sector hitting its lowest level in more than six and a half years in July.
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Brussels warns eurozone economy faces ‘host of negative risks’

The European Commission has warned that the bloc’s economy faces a “host of negative risks” in the second half of the year, even as it kept its growth projections for 2019 unchanged.
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EU ministers fail to agree financing of eurozone budget

EU finance ministers agreed small steps towards creating a eurozone budget after marathon talks failed to settle a longstanding Franco-Dutch dispute over how it should be funded.
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Mario Draghi prepares fresh stimulus as economic fears grow

Mario Draghi is preparing to cut interest rates and embark on a fresh round of bond purchases before he leaves the European Central Bank this autumn, in a bid to boost the eurozone’s economy and combat mounting global uncertainty over trade.
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La inflación retrocede en la zona euro

La inflación cayó considerablemente en mayo en la zona euro, mientras que el desempleo en abril registró su nivel más bajo desde agosto de 2008, informó este martes la oficina europea de estadísticas Eurostat.
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ECB chief economist hits out at Trump’s ‘worrisome’ rhetoric

The European Central Bank’s outgoing chief economist, who played a key role in the institution’s response to the eurozone crisis, has hit out at the ‘America First’ rhetoric of US president Donald Trump.
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OECD calls on governments to boost economy by loosening purse strings

European governments that can afford to increase public spending should loosen their purse strings to stop the economic slowdown from turning into long-term stagnation, the OECD has said.
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Italy budget deficit forecast to smash EU fiscal rules

Italy’s budget deficit is set to breach EU rules by a wide margin next year, according to forecasts from the European Commission that raise the prospect of a renewed clash over economic policies between Brussels and Rome’s anti-establishment government.
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Eurozone Growth Rebounds Despite Trade War and Other Fears

The eurozone economy last quarter defied trade conflicts, a slowdown in China and uncertainty over Brexit to register its best growth since early last year, according to official statistics released Tuesday.
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Eurozone economic confidence at lowest since 2016

The single currency bloc’s persistent weakness is becoming a major challenge for policymakers. Economic confidence in the eurozone dropped for a 10th month in April to the lowest in more than two years, indicating the region may struggle to pick up from its recent slump.
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Worsening Mood in Germany, France Damps Euro-Area Rebound Hopes

Key gauges of confidence in the euro area’s two largest economies unexpectedly deteriorated, signaling that a long-expected rebound may still be some way off.
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Eurozone suffers sharp decline in manufacturing activity

Drop is biggest in almost six years amid Brexit chaos and faltering demand from China. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino