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Pompeo presses his campaign against Chinese telecom companies during trip to Eastern Europe

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo carried his campaign against the Chinese Communist Party to Eastern Europe on Thursday, proclaiming that “the tide is turning” against the government in Beijing and its efforts to control information.
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Pompeo’s visit to Eastern Europe creates illusion of success, but major markets more significant: Observers

The visit by the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to Central and Eastern European nations this week aimed to create an illusion that his lobby has taken effect after another European country—Slovenia—to join a group of countries to elbow out Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. But analysts suggested that the Chinese telecom giant's destiny in Europe is still unknown as major European countries' attitudes, particularly that of Germany, remain open toward including Huawei in their future plans.
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Tres países del Este violaron las reglas de la UE al no acoger refugiados, según la justicia europea

El Tribunal de Justicia da la razón a Bruselas frente a Hungría, Polonia y República Checa, países que se negaron a seguir el plan de cuotas pactado en 2015.
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Eastern European states 'broke EU law' by refusing refugees

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic acted against EU law when they rebuffed a migrant distribution deal. The move took place during the 2015 European migrant crisis. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino