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U.S. Defense Chief Reassures Allies and Seeks More Spending in NATO Debut

16:02 - Austin aims to soothe allies after tensions with Trump administration, but maintain pressure on spending
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Paran automotrices en EU y México por temporal y apagones

15:45 - Las compañías automotrices Ford, Volkswagen, Audi y Nissan frenarán sus operaciones en México ante las afectaciones por el mal clima en Estados Unidos, el cual ocasionó la detención del envío de gas natural y un apagón en varios estados mexicanos.
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US and Israel announce work on new Arrow 4 air defense system amid Iran tensions

12:25 - With ‘extraordinary flight and interception capabilities,’ the latest generation in the family of anti-ballistic missiles is set to replace the Arrow 2 in the coming decades
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Los senadores que piden a Biden que revierta la decisión de Trump sobre el Sáhara

12:15 - Su antecesor en la Casa Blanca reconoció la soberanía de Marruecos sobre el Sáhara Occidental, una medida “equivocada”
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La Unión Europea rediseña su política comercial para hacer frente a EE UU y China

17/02 Bruselas se propone ser más “asertiva” con nuevas medidas para responder con represalias a “acciones coercitivas”
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Salles e Ernesto Araújo se reúnem com John Kerry para discutir pauta ambiental Brasil-EUA

22:03 - Ficou acertado que os países vão aprofundar o diálogo e manter encontros frequentes 'em busca de soluções sustentáveis e duradouras aos desafios climáticos comuns'
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US, Japan extend cost-sharing pact for hosting American troops

18:21 - Japan and the United States have agreed to extend the arrangement on how much Tokyo pays to host U.S. troops on its soil for another year as the two countries continue to work out a new pact, the island nation announced Wednesday.
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After four weeks of waiting, Netanyahu receives coveted call from Biden

17:16 - PMO says call lasted 1 hour, with two leaders discussing building on recent normalization agreements, Iran nuclear threat and pandemic; president lauds PM’s vaccine effort
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Ecuador’s Socialist Frontrunner Tries to Calm U.S. Investors

17:15 - The socialist candidate who won the first round of Ecuador’s presidential election had lunch with investors in New York this week to try to persuade them not to panic if he wins.
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La UE pide una reforma urgente de los organismos internacionales para salvar el orden multilateral

15:37 - Bruselas quiere fortalecer las estructuras de la ONU o la OMS para que resistan ataques como los sufridos durante los cuatro años de Donald Trump en la Casa Blanca
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Blinken says US intends to pay contributions to World Health Organization by end of month

13:23 - Secretary of State Tony Blinken said Wednesday that the United States "intends to pay over $200 million in assessed and current obligations" to the World Health Organization by the end of the month, making good on its move to rejoin the multilateral organization amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
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Republican schism deepens as Trump launches blistering attack on McConnell

Former US president calls Senate leader a ‘political hack’ in longest statement since leaving office
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US official, NYT continue to mislead Americans over China: Global Times editorial

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Saturday expressed "deep concerns about the way in which the early findings of the COVID-19 investigation were communicated and questions about the process used to reach them." He said in a statement, "It is imperative that this report be independent, with expert findings free from intervention or alteration by the Chinese government." It is apparent that this US high-level official is trying to manipulate public opinion into questioning the World Health Organization (WHO) experts' report.
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The U.S. can’t meet its responsibilities alone. That’s why we believe in NATO.

President Biden made it clear two weeks ago that diplomacy will be our primary means of engaging with the world, and it must be our first tool of choice. At the same time, the president also recognizes that all of our decisions and actions must be accomplished from a position of strength.
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EE. UU., Alemania, Francia, Italia y Reino Unido condenan ataque en Kurdistán iraquí

El atentado dejó un muerto y pareció apuntar a un complejo militar en Erbil donde están las tropas extranjeras de la coalición internacional liderada por Estados Unidos y que apoya a Irak en su lucha contra yihadistas. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino