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First-ever flight: Israeli plane heads to UAE over Saudi Arabia

The El Al aircraft will carry US and Israeli officials to the United Arab Emirates to cement the 'normalisation' deal.
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Netanyahu and Putin discuss Israeli air strikes in Syria, UAE deal

24/08 - 17:53 - Russian leader backs normalization agreement, says he continues to support ‘just solution’ for Palestinians; discussion comes as Kremlin has looked to up arms sales to Iran
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Pompeo tours Middle East as part of Trump's Arab-Israeli push

13:55 - After meeting Israeli PM in Jerusalem, US secretary of state to visit senior figures in UAE, Bahrain and Sudan.
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Arabia Saudí no se sumará con los Emiratos al reconocimiento de Israel

El reino saudí no reconoce al estado israelí y afirma su compromiso con la paz basado “en las iniciativas árabes”.
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Israel strikes Hamas in Gaza for 4th straight night in response to arson attacks

18:59 - Latest airstrikes come after balloon-borne incendiary devices spark over 100 fires in past week, and as Israel-UAE deal stokes tensions in West Bank and Gaza
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Palestinians unanimously reject UAE-Israel deal

10:07 - All Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, issued statements denouncing the UAE-Israel agreement.
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El acuerdo Israel-Emiratos, una victoria diplomática para Trump en plena campaña

13/08 - 21:23 - El presidente de EE.UU. se anotó una histórica con el anuncio de la normalización de relaciones entre Israel y Emiratos Árabes Unidos/
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Iran, Turkey condemn Israel-UAE deal

Iran has said the establishment of diplomatic ties between its arch-rival Israel and the United Arab Emirates is a "dagger in the back" of all Muslims, while Turkey said the UAE had "betrayed" the Palestinian cause.
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UN chief, UK, Germany welcome Israel-UAE deal, suspended annexation plans

United Nations secretary general says he hopes accord will help achieve two-state solution; British prime minister calls it ‘hugely good news’.
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How the world reacted to UAE-Israel normalising diplomatic ties

13/08 - 16:24 - Nations, groups and individual stakeholders in Israeli-Palestine conflict react to UAE and Israel normalising relations.
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Israel, UAE reach historic peace deal: ‘We can make a wonderful future

15:08 - Third-ever peace treaty between Israel and an Arab state includes embassies, direct flights; agreement “suspends” annexation, but Netanyahu says: “I will never give up on our right to our land.”
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Los palestinos reprochan a Emiratos Árabes el acuerdo con Israel y consideran que no ayuda

14:20 - El presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump, anunció el histórico acuerdo por el que EAU se convertirá en el tercer país árabe, después de Egipto y Jordania, en establecer relaciones diplomáticas con Israel.
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Israel, UAE announce normalisation of relations with US help

13:25 - Israel and UAE to establish full diplomatic ties, with Tel Aviv saying it will halt the annexation of Palestinian lands.
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La apuesta de Colombia en la relación con los Emiratos Árabes Unidos

El embajador de Colombia en Dabái, Jame Amín, habla sobre el apoyo de esa nación a nuestro país..
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Israeli PM announces 'cooperation' with UAE to fight coronavirus

25/06 - 17:36 - Netanyahu says two countries will soon collaborate in different areas to improve region's health security.
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