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Biden officially announces nomination of Thomas Nides as US envoy to Israel

17:07 - Former State Dept. official with ties to Blinken and Obama still needs to be confirmed by Senate, though no major opposition expected
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El presidente argentino felicita a Benet y pide "renovar vínculos" con Israel

13:27 - El presidente de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, felicitó a Naftali Benet por su ratificación como primer ministro israelí y pidió "renovar los vínculos" con Israel.
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Shift in Israel Provides Biden a Chance for Better Ties

20:40 - The departure of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister is a relief for Democrats, but Iran and the Palestinians could test Mr. Biden’s relations with a fragile new Israeli government.
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After very brief handover to Bennett, Netanyahu vows to ‘rescue Israel’ from him

12:36 - Outgoing PM skips traditional photo of handover with successor, tells opposition bloc he’ll topple new government based on ‘fraud, hate and power-seeking’
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Coalition deal: Kotel deal will implement egalitarian prayer section

16:25 - Norwegian Law would bring Anglos into Knesset * The coalition agreement reached by Yamina and Yesh Atid gives significant powers to party leaders.
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Settler leaders fighting for Netanyahu despite freeze on housing plans

15:33 - They have supported him, even though Netanyahu had not advanced plans for new settler homes since US President Joe Biden took office in January.
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A PM Bennett won’t fix tensions with Dems, but ties with Biden should endure

20:02 - Progressives’ issues with Israel extend beyond Netanyahu, and won’t be alleviated by his departure alone; still, some in the party view new prospective gov’t as cause for optimism.
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Isaac Herzog elected 11th President of the State of Israel by wide margin

18:24 - Herzog defeated Miriam Peretz in 87 to 27 vote, becoming first son of a president to become president.
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Da direita à esquerda, uma coalizão anti-Netanyahu em Israel

17:53 - O mérito para a construção de uma coalizão que parece próxima de alcançar o objetivo de colocar um fim aos 12 anos de administração de Benjamin Netanyahu em Israel é de um político centrista chamado Yair Lapid.
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Isaac Herzog: A second generation president

13:42 - Isaac Herzog follows in the footsteps of his father, Chaim Herzog, Israel's sixth president.
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Lapid cede a Bennett la jefatura de gobierno para destronar a Netanyahu 14 años después

17:09 - El líder centrista y el conservador religioso buscan armar la heterogénea coalición que apartará a “Bibi” del poder
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After High-Wire Act, Biden Faces Tough New Middle East Tests

22:49 - The administration is considering how to recalibrate its policy in the region in light of the cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians without distracting from other priorities.
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El presidente de Israel encarga formar Gobierno al centrista Yair Lapid tras el fracaso de Netanyahu

13:27 - Fue el candidato con más recomendaciones de diputados (56) del heterogéneo bloque anti-Netanyahu, pero sigue necesitando cinco apoyos para convertirse en el nuevo ‘premier’
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Receiving official election results, Rivlin recommends ‘unusual collaborations’

President says main consideration in picking PM candidate will be odds of forming a government, not number of MKs backing them; Netanyahu allies claim Rivlin ‘playing politics’
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Netanyahu se queda sin opción de formar Gobierno en Israel con el escrutinio casi finalizado

14:45 - El bloque de oposición supera por poco a la alianza de la derecha. Los extremistas judíos vetan el pacto del primer ministro con un partido árabe
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Israel election: Netanyahu rival Gantz ‘agrees emergency unity government’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's main rival has reportedly agreed to join a unity government, ending a year of political deadlock.
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Prueba de fuego para Benjamin Netanyahu

El "premier" israelí se enfrenta mañana a las primarias de su partido, el Likud, con un rival fuerte por primera vez en la última década
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A third election called in 2019? It can certainly happen - Analysis

30/05 - 18:26 - The premise was that polls at the time were predicting 61 MKs for the Center-Left bloc, which included Arab parties unwilling to enter any coalition.
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Final Israeli Election Results Bolster Netanyahu’s Lead

11/04 - 19:22 - A final count of ballots on Thursday gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party an additional seat in Parliament, making it the largest faction and punctuating the Israeli leader’s victory.
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