Elecciones en Estados Unidos

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Democrats got millions more votes – so how did Republicans win the Senate?

Experts warn of ‘rise of minority rule’ after Democrats’ vote tally beat Republicans’ by more than 12m
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Two Years After Trump’s Victory, Voters Erect an Impediment to His Power

The vaunted blue wave that Democrats had hoped for failed to fully materialize on Tuesday night, but the days of one-party control in Washington are now over. President Trump’s strength in rural areas kept the Senate in Republican control, but voters in urban and suburban districts across the country sent the White House a clear message: They want a check on the president.
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Nuevo récord de mujeres en Congreso de EEUU tras las elecciones.

Las elecciones de medio mandato en EEUU han dejado un nuevo récord de mujeres elegidas para las dos Cámaras del Congreso, con 113 representantes y senadoras, frente a las 107 que hasta ahora ocupaban escaños, según medios locales.
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The stock market winners and losers from the midterm election results

Wall Street thinks the Democratic win in the House is a check on the White House’s aggressive trade policy, which could potentially boost names like Caterpillar and Boeing. Industrials and materials stocks could rise on an infrastructure plan between the Democrats and Trump. Drug stocks could come under pressure on a bipartisan plan to rein in drug prices.
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Trump's trade war with China matters more to the market than the elections and it's not going well

Trade friction between the U.S. and China is not expected to go away for some time, even though some investors believed the post-midterm election period and a meeting in late November between President Trump and President Xi would provide an opportunity to restart negotiations. Trump said China wants to do a deal, but Xi gave no indication that China is in a hurry to strike an agreement with the U.S. in a speech Monday. The midterm elections, if Democrats win the House, could in fact fan the trade war, as empowered Democrats could see the trade differences with China as their issue.
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Obama acude al rescate

El expresidente se convierte en el mejor activo electoral de los demócratas y rompe con la tradición al criticar con dureza a Trump
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