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Trump lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions on Europe, UK, Brazil - sources

20:22 - U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday rescinded entry bans imposed because of the coronavirus on most non-U.S. citizens arriving from Brazil and much of Europe effective Jan. 26, two officials briefed on the matter told Reuters.
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Trump Ends Historically Unpopular Presidency With 34% Approval

17:55 - President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 34% in a Gallup poll released Monday, the low point of a presidency that already had the weakest average approval rating of any of his predecessors since the survey began in the 1940s.
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Pelosi increases pressure on Pentagon saying Trump loyalist isn’t qualified to be the N.S.A.’s top lawyer.

17:22 - Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote a letter to the acting secretary of defense demanding that he not install a Trump loyalist as the top lawyer at the National Security Agency, her office announced Monday.
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Trump exits White House silenced by Twitter, shunned by some in

13:03 - President Trump will depart the White House Wednesday after four tumultuous years that will be defined by a mob riot and bipartisan impeachment vote in his final weeks in office.
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Iran convicts American businessman on spying charge: report

11:41 - Iran convicted an American businessman on a spying charge and sentenced him to 10 years in prison weeks after the U.S. election, NBC News reported Sunday.
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Capitol Police intelligence report warned three days before attack that ‘Congress itself’ could be targeted

23:43 - Three days before thousands of rioters converged on the U.S. Capitol, an internal Capitol Police intelligence report warned of a violent scenario in which “Congress itself” could be the target of angry supporters of President Trump on Jan. 6, laying out a stark alert that deepens questions about the security failures that day.
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Trump Plans to Live at Mar-a-Lago, Employ Some Current Aides

16:17 - Donald Trump plans to fly to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration, where several current White House staff are expected to work for him or his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, after his presidency, according to people familiar with the matter.
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Democrats point fingers on whether Capitol rioters had inside help

14:54 - A growing number of Democrats are raising concerns about pro-Trump groups spotted inside the Capitol complex in the days before a mob invaded the building last week in what was a stunning failure of intelligence and police planning.
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Feds walk back claim that Capitol rioters sought 'to capture and assassinate' officials

14:32 - Federal officials on Friday sought to walk back claims that some of the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday intended to “capture and assassinate elected officials.”
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Araújo diz que governo Bolsonaro não vai mudar por Biden e que espera 'compreensão mútua'

14:18 - Para o chanceler, preocupações com o meio ambiente são exacerbadas pela imprensa; a seu ver, atos similares à invasão do Capitólio podem ocorrer em outros países, inclusive no Brasil, se vozes conservadoras forem silenciadas
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Trump orders shift in US military command for Middle East, Israel

14:00 - President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to include Israel in the U.S. military command structure for the Middle East, the Department of Defense (DOD) confirmed Friday, a major change meant to reflect an easing of tensions between Israel and several Arab countries.
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Gobierno de Donald Trump incluye a Xiaomi en lista negra para los inversionistas estadounidenses

18:03 - Los inversionistas deberán deshacerse de sus participaciones en las empresas incluidas en la lista negra para el 11 de noviembre de 2021.
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Lições da América Latina para a democracia nos EUA após 6 de janeiro

17:17 - História ensina que polarização leva à revolta social, resultando em golpes militares ou na destruição da democracia
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Trump Struggles to Find Lawyers as Impeachment Trial Nears

15:53 - President Donald Trump, on the eve of facing a historic second impeachment trial for inciting the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week, is having trouble finding a legal team to defend him.
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Incitar a la insurrección, el cargo formal que enfrenta Donald Trump

Donald Trump fue formalmente acusado por la Cámara de Representantes de incitación a la insurrección contra el gobierno de Estados Unidos y ahora es el primer presidente en la historia en enfrentar un segundo juicio político en una capital ahora protegida de sus enemigos internos por más tropas estadunidenses que las desplegadas en Irak y Afganistán.
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Snapchat permanently bans President Trump

22:12 - US President Donald Trump has been permanently banned from Snapchat, according to a statement by the platform Wednesday.
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YouTube suspends Trump, days after Twitter and Facebook

20:56 - The Google-owned site’s decision cuts Trump off from his mainstream social media megaphones, for now
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House impeaches Trump a second time a week after Capitol riots

18:32 - President Trump was impeached a second time by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday in a largely party-line vote that saw a handful of Republicans join Democrats to blame the outgoing commander-in-chief for sparking last week’s Capitol siege.
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El ‘impeachment’ revela las grietas que la sublevación ha abierto en el Partido Republicano

17:21 - Diez congresistas conservadores votan a favor del proceso y algunos senadores, incluido el poderoso Mitch McConnell, expresan su apoyo o lo contemplan como la oportunidad de purgar a Trump es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino