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'Brasil também precisa discutir papel do Estado na economia', diz Rubens Barbosa

29/04 Ex-embaixador do Brasil diz que discurso de Joe Biden no Congresso aponta reversão das políticas econômica e social dos EUA e tem muito a ensinar sobre o caminho para a recuperação no pós-pandemia
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Abandonando aliança automática com EUA, Brasil critica Casa Branca na OMC

17:13 - Em uma aliança improvável, Brasil e China usaram a OMC (Organização Mundial do Comércio) para criticar uma lei americana que permite que a Casa Branca imponha barreiras comerciais ou aumentem impostos de importação sobre produtos de países que desvalorizaram suas moedas diante do dólar.
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Biden aumenta el salario mínimo de los subcontratados por el Gobierno

16:02 - Los trabajadores en nómina de empresas federales de Estados Unidos pasarán de cobrar 7,25 a 15 dólares
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Biden will hold a big climate summit this week to reestablish U.S. leadership. Not everyone may follow.

21:36 - President Biden will convene dozens of world leaders this week for a virtual climate change summit, marking not only an effort to restart the global push to address the rising threat but also the new president’s first grand gesture as a world leader.
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Biden Reverses Course on Refugee Cap, Plans Increase by May 15 After Order Prompts Progressive Backlash

20:01 - Decision comes after criticism over executive order that scrapped restrictions imposed by Trump administration but left the annual limit at 15,000
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Joe Biden’s woke Left-wing agenda is a catastrophe for the free world

18:30 - The so-called centrist is giving free rein to radical activists whose ideas will soon reach British shores
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Biden promised to rebuild refugee admissions. He’s on course to decimate them.

16:13 - HIS BOLD initiatives to juice the U.S. economy and overhaul the country’s infrastructure suggest that Joe Biden’s presidency is marked by ambition and a stiff spine. On admitting refugees from the world’s most violent and bedraggled countries, however, he has been timid. Whatever the reason, the White House is mum.
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Biden seeks funding to probe white supremacist beliefs at immigration agencies

21:19 - President Joe Biden called for funding to investigate complaints of white supremacist beliefs at U.S. immigration enforcement agencies in his first budget request to Congress on Friday, but officials offered no explanation for what prompted his request.
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US announces it will restore aid to Palestinians cut by Trump

18:57 - The Biden administration will restore more than $200m in Palestinian aid and restart funding to UNRWA.
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China Tests Biden With South China Sea Tactic That Misled Obama

19:02 - Based on the official view from Beijing, the Philippines has no reason to worry about Chinese fishing boats sitting along a disputed reef in the South China Sea.
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Outside the courtroom, the trial over George Floyd's death is seen as a test of the US itself

20:35 - One is unfolding in the courtroom where a jury will decide whether former police officer Derek Chauvin is culpable in Floyd's death after pinning him to the ground with a knee on his neck. Outside the courtroom, the case is widely seen as a trial of the US system itself -- a test of whether justice is possible for a Black man who died while under arrest, triggering a global racial reckoning.
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Las tecnológicas reconocen ante el Congreso que jugaron un papel crucial en el asalto al Capitolio

19:55 - Los jefes de Facebook, Twitter y Google abordan la radicalización en las plataformas por primera vez desde que silenciaron a Trump
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Biden defiende revitalizar las relaciones con la Unión Europea

18:42 - El mandatario escenifica la reconexión en una intervención en la cumbre de los 27
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U.S. Says North Korea Tested Short-Range Weapons System

19:06 - U.S. officials said North Korea tested a short-range weapon system over the weekend but offered few details and downplayed the significance of the actions.
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China e Rússia reagem a pressão de Biden e reforçam aliança contra os EUA

15:21 - Sob sanções, países pedem reunião na ONU e criticam americanos, que vão à Otan prometer mais cooperação
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China Plans to Ask U.S. to Roll Back Trump Policies in Alaska Meeting

18:34 - For the first high-level session with Biden’s team, Beijing brings an agenda far apart from Washington’s
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How the WHO’s Hunt for Covid’s Origins Stumbled in China

15:28 - A team of scientists hoped a mission to Wuhan would provide some clarity about the coronavirus’s origins. New details about the team’s constraints reveal how little power it had to conduct a thorough probe.
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Russia, Iran Acted to Influence 2020 Presidential Election, Report Says

19:33 - Intelligence assessment says Putin tried to hurt Biden’s prospects and sow discord while Ayatollah Ali Khamenei moved to undercut Trump
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Border crisis threatens Biden's political momentum

18:20 - The Biden administration is scrambling to accommodate the swell of immigrant children at the border, seeking to ensure the growing problem being amplified by GOP attacks doesn’t submarine its political successes on the COVID-19 front. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino