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Trump’s insistence on proving his toughness is in open conflict with America’s actual strength

06/01 - 14:32 - With President Trump’s comments about striking Iran over the weekend, Americans should be reminded that his 2016 campaign was largely predicated on a simple premise: Unlike the hated Barack Obama, he would not be bound by the constraints of “political correctness.” In different contexts, this meant different things, but the through line was consistent. Trump would ignore precedent and propriety as he saw fit to advance his agenda.
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Trump could still renegotiate Iran nuclear deal: White House

06/01 - 16:18 - White House adviser Conway made the remarks after Iran said it would no longer abide by enrichment limits under the deal
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Mike Pompeo dice que EEUU quiere "la desescalada" tras la muerte de general Soleimani

El jefe de la diplomacia estadounidense, Mike Pompeo, dijo este viernes que Estados Unidos está “comprometido con la desescalada” tras la muerte del general iraní Qasem Soleimani en un ataque orquestado por Washington.
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William Taylor, top US diplomat in Ukraine and key impeachment witness, is stepping down

Mr William Taylor Jr, the top American diplomat in Ukraine who described for Congress and the public what he saw as President Donald Trump's efforts to pressure Kiev to go after political rivals, said on Tuesday (Dec 17) that he was stepping down from his post. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino