Devaluaciòn de la Lira Turca

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Turkey burns through foreign reserves to shore up lira

Turkey has burnt through around a third of its foreign reserves this month in an effort to contain currency weakness ahead of local elections this weekend, spooking investors and sending the lira sliding on Thursday.
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Argentina and Turkey are not the best examples of emerging markets

With the 10th anniversary of the Lehman collapse just passed, and umpteen other 10th anniversaries of the events of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) falling thick and fast over coming months, commentators and analysts are casting around for signs of the next crisis brewing.
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La Turchia dimezza le stime di crescita. E in Argentina il Pil affonda

Prima le drammatiche svalutazioni, ora le pesanti conseguenze economiche. I destini di Argentina e Turchia sembrano ancora una volta coincidere.
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Two Messy Paths to the Same Emerging-Market Turmoil

Despite their leaders’ opposing banking philosophies, the economies of Argentina and Turkey have wound up in the same place.
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El banco central turco sube los tipos de interés al 24% ante la crisis de su divisa

La institución monetaria ha elevado los intereses 625 puntos básicos para luchar contra la devaluación de la lira y la elevada inflación
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Michelle Jamrisko

Turkey, Brazil Enjoy Good News for Their Current-Account Gaps

Bloomberg Economics analysis reckons currencies down enough. South Africa, Argentina exchange rates may need to fall more
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La crisi delle economie emergenti spiegata in due parole: partite correnti

La crisi delle economie emergenti si può riassumere nel deficit delle loro partite correnti, che si ripercuote negativamente sui tassi di cambio. Ecco una breve panoramica.
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AP Explains: Financial turmoil in emerging markets

Argentine families are trying to cope with 30 percent inflation. Companies in Turkey face bankruptcy if they can’t pay off soaring debt costs. And investors who bet on emerging markets will be deep in the red this year.
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Ancora panico sui mercati emergenti, lira turca in caduta e per il peso argentino oggi si teme il peggio

Lira turca ancora in forte calo, mentre potrebbe essere crollo verticale per il peso argentino alla riapertura degli scambi a Buenos Aires. I mercati emergenti sono nel panico.
Argentina El País - España Economía Internacional Cristina Delgado

La caída de las divisas emergentes anuncia un periodo de turbulencias

El epicentro de la crisis cambiaria está en Turquía, pero las reverberaciones llegan a Argentina, Sudáfrica, Brasil, Rusia e India
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Camilla Hodgson

G20 trade snaps growth streak with first pullback since 2016

Trade in goods between G20 countries contracted in the second quarter of the year for the first time since the start of 2016, as emerging market currencies lost value against the US dollar, according to data released on Wednesday by the OECD.
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How Turkey’s lira crisis was written in Istanbul's skyline

Those observing Istanbul’s construction boom will not have been surprised by last week’s currency collapse – it’s all based on debt
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El rublo toca su mínimo en dos años frente al dólar por las sanciones de Estados Unidos

La divisa rusa no ha dejado de caer desde el comienzo de este verano afectada también por el desplome de la lira turca.
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Emerging Markets May Lose Their Friendly Banker

China’s willingness to extend credit has transformed it into the best friend of emerging markets. But there are reasons to believe the flow of easy money may suddenly dry up — just as distressed economies from Argentina and Venezuela to Turkey and Pakistan look to Beijing for a lifeline that would be less onerous than an International Monetary Fund bailout.
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En baisse pour la 4e journée d'affilée, le Cac 40 flirte désormais avec les 5.300 points

De justesse ! Le Cac 40 est parvenu in extremis à préserver les 5.300 points. L’indice parisien, en baisse pour quatrième séance consécutive, abandonne 1,82 %, à 5.305,22 points. ArcelorMittal, STMicroelectronics et TechnipFMC lâchent plus de 4,5 %. A la crise en Turquie s’est ajoutée une plainte de la Chine contre les Etats-Unis auprès de l’OMC. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino