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'Terror Will Win': David Davis Predicts Death of No-Deal Brexit -

Davis’ comments come on the heels of condemnatory statements by other senior Brexiteers, including former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who recently publicly scolded Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations as “absolute humiliation.”
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Brexit talks round 2: what to expect

The clock is ticking toward Britain leaving the European Union. How much progress has been made and what lies ahead? As negotiations get going in earnest, DW explains the major issues and obstacles surrounding Brexit.
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Tory manifesto will have to be ‘pruned’, says David Davis

Parts of the Tory manifesto will have to be “pruned away”, David Davis admitted today, but insisted that the election result did not mean the government would pursue a softer Brexit.

Mr. David Davis: “My permanent secretary is actually in Brussels today talking to them about the details,”; “It may not be on the Monday because we also have got the Queen’s Speech that week and I will have to speak in that, and so on.”; “The European citizens in the UK, we want to get on with as fast as possible because we don’t want people to be in a state of anxiety.”; “What we have said is we will start down this process, but I will have some discussions with Mr Barnier about how we progress to the wider thing of the trade area".

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