Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

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Cristina Fernández shakes up political scene

On May 18th the former president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007-15), made a surprise announcement, through social media, that she will run as vice-president in the October 2019 presidential election on a ticket headed by former cabinet chief, Alberto Fernández (2003-08).
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Cristina Kirchner devant les juges et candidate surprise à la vice-présidence de l’Argentine

Alors que s’ouvre ce mardi son premier procès pour corruption, l’ex-chef de l’Etat péroniste a surpris en annonçant qu’elle ne briguerait pas la présidence du pays lors du scrutin du 27 octobre.
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¿Es negocio para Uruguay que CFK vaya de vicepresidenta?

Empresarios uruguayos y expertos dieron su visión sobrecómo puede pegarle a Uruguay el giro que tomó la campaña en la vecina orilla
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Argentina Traders Try to Make Sense of Kirchner's Back Seat Run

Argentina investors grappled to understand whether a surprise announcement by former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that she would run for vice president rather than for the top job was good or bad for markets.
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Political curve-ball rattles Argentine investors

The world's worst performing currency this year dropped another 1 per cent against the dollar on Monday before paring back some of its losses, as the murky political situation in Argentina gets even murkier.
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Fernández double act turns the tables in Argentina’s election

Markets are expected to take fright at the possibility that Mr Fernández, who stayed on as cabinet minister under Ms Fernández (no relation) for just a few months after she replaced her husband as president in 2007, might have a better chance of winning than Argentina’s first female president
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Fernández - Fernández, la fórmula presidencial que nadie esperaba

La expresidenta argentina Cristina Fernández sorprendió al anunciar que será candidata a vice detrás de un compañero de fórmula con el que estuvo enemistada por casi una década ¿Quién es Alberto Fernández?
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Bestseller fuels talk of Cristina Fernández’s political comeback

The timing of her book has fuelled speculation she is set to challenge Mr Macri in October’s vote. “The book forms part of her [election] campaign, without any doubt,” said Carlos Fara, a political analyst. He noted comments from Ms Fernández’s former cabinet chief, Alberto Fernández, that she was “closer to becoming a candidate every day”.
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Stuck in the middle: the Lavagna candidacy

Thereare two main front-runnersin Argentina'supcoming presidential election:the incumbent president, MauricioMacri, and his predecessor,Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007-15). Both suffer from high disapproval numbers and are viewed as polarising figures.•In this context, there is space for a viable third-way candidate in the October27th election to appeal to the voter bases of both MrMacri and MsFernández. A moderate member of the opposition Peronist party, such as the former economy minister, Roberto Lavagna (2002-05), could, in theory, take advantage of this voter disillusionment.
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Alerta com a Argentina

15/05 - 09:30 - Possível retorno de Cristina Kirchner ao poder preocupa o governo Bolsonaro, que pode tê-la como contraponto político e cuja ascensão mudará a correlação de forças no continente
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Referentes peronistas llaman a la unidad del movimiento para derrotar a Macri

14/05 - 19:27 - La comisión directiva del histórico Partido Justicialista (PJ, peronista) mantuvo este martes en Buenos Aires una reunión a la que acudió la expresidenta Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) y en la que se abogó por la unidad del movimiento para derrotar al Gobierno de Macri en las elecciones de octubre próximo.
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Macri paga el ajuste en Argentina y su futuro como presidente se oscurece

A diferencia de lo que sucede en otros países de la región, un porcentaje muy importante de los argentinos sigue creyendo que el país tiene destino de grandeza. Y encontrarse una vez más con una crisis hace que todos entren en tensión.
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Argentina’s Fernández fuels speculation over election candidacy

Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner stormed back into the limelight on Thursday after a long period of silence, stoking speculation over whether she will run for the presidency in October elections.
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Cristina Fernández de Kirchner vuelve a la pelea

La expresidenta de Argentina reúne a miles de personas en la Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires para la presentación de 'Sinceramente', su libro de memorias del que se han vendido 250.000 ejemplares
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Explaining Argentina's Financial Crisis: Macri, Cristina And The Specter Of Populism

Financial turbulence is a hard thing to explain, as it is generally kicked off by emotional reactions. Much ink has been spent on analyzing irrational behavior in markets, yet these runs, which generate negative feedback loops that are by definition chaotic and therefore destructive, are also the consequence of real situations of stress, as is the case currently in Argentina.
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Mauricio Macri ofrece un “pacto de estabilidad” al peronismo moderado

El presidente argentino busca negociar un acuerdo con la oposición no kirchnerista que otorgue previsibilidad a los acreedores
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Argentina's problems don't end with its election

If you were to ask investors what the biggest risk facing Argentina is today, they would probably point to the return of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino