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Corea del Sur

Economía The Japan Times - Japón Economía Internacional Satoshi Sugiyama

Japan agrees to WTO consultation with South Korea amid trade dispute

Japan has agreed to a consultation with South Korea over Tokyo’s enhanced export control measures, trade minister Isshu Sugawara said Friday, effectively locking both countries into the World Trade Organization’s painstaking dispute settlement process — an undertaking that could potentially take years.
Economía The Japan Times - Japón Relaciones Bilaterales

South Korea removes Japan from trade whitelist as feud deepens

South Korea has removed Japan from its list of most trusted trading partners, the latest sign of unraveling ties between two U.S. allies mired in a series of disputes.
Economía The Korea Times - Corea del Sur Relaciones Bilaterales Dong Sun-hwa

Brazil seeks to boost pork exports to Korea

Korea opened the market for Brazilian pork only in 2018, following more than 10 years of negotiation. As of now, the country only takes up 1 percent of Brazil's pork export. From January to July in 2019, Brazil exported 3,000 tons of pork, valued at 6.6 billion won ($5.4 million), to Korea.
Economía The Korea Herald - Corea del Sur Relaciones Bilaterales Shin Ji-hye

Korea to complete ratification of FTA with UK before Brexit

South Korea is set to complete the ratification of a free trade deal with the UK at the National Assembly before the Brexit deadline of Oct. 31, officials said Monday.
Política The Japan Times - Japón Política Internacional Jesse Johnson

Seoul to end key intel pact with Tokyo

In a stunning move that could further upend already fraying ties between Japan and South Korea, Seoul on Thursday announced that it would scrap a key intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo, with the South’s presidential Blue House saying in a statement that it did not meet Seoul’s “national interests” to maintain the deal amid the intensifying spat between the two neighbors.
Economía BBC - Reino Unido Economía Internacional

UK and South Korea sign 'continuity' trade agreement

The UK has signed a "continuity" trade agreement with South Korea, allowing businesses to keep trading freely after Brexit.
Economía Jerusalem Post - Israel Economía Internacional Herb Keinon

Israel, South Korea conclude talks on Free Trade Agreement

This is Israel's first free trade agreement with an Asian country. The move is expected to significantly reduce prices for cars, electronics and even soy sauce to Israeli consumers.
Política The Korea Times - Corea del Sur Política Internacional

North Korea says it has no intention to talk with South Korea

North Korea said Friday that Pyongyang has no intention to talk with South Korea again, calling it a "senseless" hope to expect talks to be resumed when Seoul's joint military exercise with the United States is over.
Política The Japan Times - Japón Política Internacional

U.S. says it's consulting on Asian missile deployment but that it would be a 'sovereign decision'

A senior U.S. diplomat says Washington is consulting with its allies as it proceeds with plans to deploy intermediate-range missiles in Asia, a move China says it will respond to with countermeasures.
Economía Japan Today - Japón Economía Internacional Sunghee Hwang

Emotion more than economic factors driving S Korea-Japan trade row: analysts

Seoul and Tokyo -- both of them democracies and market economies -- this month removed each other from their lists of favored trading partners.
Economía La Nación - Paraguay Economía Internacional

Embajada paraguaya busca exportar más productos orgánicos a Corea

La Yerba Mate ya está presente en este mercado pero con el objetivo de incrementar la exportación del producto paraguayo.
Economía El Economista - El Salvador Economía Internacional Beatriz Calderon

Corea del Sur ratifica Tratado de Libre Comercio con El Salvador y otros países de Centroamérica

La Asamblea Nacional de Corea del Sur comunicó en la noche del viernes que ratificó el Tratado de Libre Comercio con El Salvador y otros países de Centroamérica.
Política The Korea Times - Corea del Sur Política Internacional

North Korean leader says missile launches were 'warning' against allies' joint exercise

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said this week's missile launches were an "adequate warning" against the joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States that kicked off earlier this week, state media reported Wednesday.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional

North Korea fires more projectiles, says it may be 'compelled to seek new road'

05/08 - 19:52 - Pyongyang says US-South Korea military drills are ‘flagrant violation’ of efforts to reach peace
Política Xinhua - China Organismos Regionales

Canciller chino pide más cooperación entre los miembros de la ASEAN, China, Japón y Corea del Sur

El consejero de Estado y ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China, Wang Yi, pidió este viernes una mayor cooperación entre los miembros de la ASEAN (Asociación de Naciones del Sudeste Asiático), China, Japón y Corea del Sur (ASEAN+3).
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Ben Dooley

Japan Imposes Broad New Trade Restrictions on South Korea

Japan on Friday moved to increase controls on the export of a broad assortment of products to South Korea, dramatically raising the stakes in a political standoff that has plunged relations between the countries to their lowest point in decades and that has caused worries in Washington.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional

North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles, South says

Projectiles were launched from same coastal area as a similar launch a week ago, according to joint chiefs of staff in Seoul
Cancillería The Korea Times - Corea del Sur Economía Yi Whan-woo

Premium Argentine beer makes debut in Korea

Argentina is famous for wines and Koreans tend not to associate the South American country with beer.
Economía El País - España Economía Internacional Jaime Santirso

Una guerra comercial por las heridas de la historia

Japón sanciona a la industria de Corea del Sur ante la reclamación de indemnizaciones por la ocupación nipona
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Choe Sang-Hun

North Korea Launches Two Short-Range Missiles, South Korea Says

North Korea fired two short-range missiles off its east coast on Thursday amid stalled efforts to resume talks on ending the country’s nuclear weapons program, the South Korean military said. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino