Corea del Norte

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Biden administration forges new path on North Korea crisis in wake of Trump and Obama failures

16:31 - The Biden administration is charting a new course in an attempt to end North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile program, striking a balance between President Donald Trump’s grand-bargain, leader-to-leader diplomacy and President Barack Obama’s arm’s-length approach to the crisis, said U.S. officials familiar with the plan.
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A Quiet Arms Race Is Rapidly Heating Up Between the Two Koreas

The buildup over the last few years has threatened the delicate balance of peace on the Korean Peninsula.
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Kim Jong-un warns of historic economic crisis in North Korea

Leader uses the term ‘arduous march’ in party speech, a term used to refer to devastating 1990s famine in which hundreds of thousands died
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Biden Warns North Korea of ‘Responses’ to More Missile Tests

17:41 - President Joe Biden said that he is open to diplomacy with North Korea but warned that recent missile tests violated international rules and could prompt a response if Pyongyang continues.
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North Korea fires more missiles

North Korea fired two missiles Thursday, Japanese, South Korean and U.S. officials said, in a sign of growing tension between Washington and Pyongyang over military exercises the United States carried out with South Korea earlier this month.
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U.S. Says North Korea Tested Short-Range Weapons System

19:06 - U.S. officials said North Korea tested a short-range weapon system over the weekend but offered few details and downplayed the significance of the actions.
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EE.UU. pide a China colaboración para desnuclearizar Corea del Norte

Anthony Blinken dice que a Pekín le interesa porque el régimen norcoreano "es una fuente de inestabilidad"
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North Korean Threat Forces Biden Into Balancing Act With China

Washington’s recent attempts to communicate with Pyongyang were rebuffed, leaving American officials to appeal to countries in the region to help pressure North Korea.
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Blinken: el plan para Corea del Norte estará listo "en las próximas semanas"

Pekín "tiene una gran papel que jugar" en la desnuclearización de la península coreana, dice el jefe de la diplomacia estadounidense.
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Pionyang dice que ignorará a Washington hasta que retire su "política hostil"

22:18 - El mensaje llega después de conocerse que Pionyang lleva ignorando los mensajes de Washington desde febrero y justo durante la visita a Seúl de los secretarios de Estado y Defensa de EE.UU., Antony Blinken y Lloyd Austin, un viaje clave para trazar la nueva estrategia de la Casa Blanca para afrontar el desafío norcoreano
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Un 'Reino Unido global' para un mundo multipolar

16:47 - El Gobierno británico desveló los desafíos internacionales hasta el 2023, junto con su estrategia y aspiraciones como Estado independiente de la Unión Europea (UE) por primera vez desde hace cinco décadas, en la anticipada y muy retrasada revisión integrada en Seguridad, Defensa y Exterior.
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N Korea warns US to ‘avoid causing a stink’ if it wants peace

Comments from Kim Jong Un’s sister come as US secretary of state visits Japan and South Korea.
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IAEA says N Korea nuclear programme cause for ‘serious concern’

UN watchdog chief notes continuing signs of nuclear activity in North Korea are ‘deeply regrettable’.
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The clock is ticking on North Korea. Biden should make the first move.

21:17 - President Biden is searching for a new North Korea strategy — but the clock is ticking. As the new administration in Washington finds its footing, patience in Pyongyang and Seoul is wearing thin. The Biden team must realize that a reprise of President Barack Obama’s wait-and-see approach will not work — and neither will a repeat of President Donald Trump’s dramatic, personality-driven schemes. Biden should avoid strategic patience and reengage diplomatically, but this time with realistic goals.
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Iran, N. Korea resumed missile collaboration in 2020: UN report

North Korea and Iran resumed cooperation on the development of long-range missiles in 2020, according to a UN report that also confirmed Pyongyang continues to violate various nuclear resolutions.
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Biden, S Korea’s Moon pledge ‘comprehensive’ N Korea strategy

Two leaders pledge to strengthen US-South Korea alliance during their first phone call since new US president assumed office.
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China says U.S. military in South China Sea not good for peace

11:07 - The United States often sends ships and aircraft into the South China Sea to “flex its muscles” and this is not good for peace, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday, after a U.S. aircraft carrier group sailed into the disputed waterway.
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Blinken says US will review North Korea policy, consider aid

Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of state says US will launch a review to bring N Korea back to denuclearisation talks.
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South Korea Seeks Early Biden Summit to Revive Talks With Kim

South Korea’s Moon Jae-in said he would push for an early summit with U.S. President-elect Joe Biden to revive nuclear talks stalled for much of the past two years. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino