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South Korean president calls for Trump-Kim summit before November election

12:58 - South Korean President Moon Jae-in has called on President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to meet again before the U.S. presidential election in November, a Seoul official said Wednesday, according to Reuters.
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North Korea suspends plan to increase military pressure on South

Kim Jong-un unexpectedly vetoes the idea to redeploy troops to the border amid rising tensions between the two countries.
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North Korea to send 'leaflets of punishment' over border as tensions with South rise

Regime creating piles of propaganda in retaliation for similar campaign from South amid worsening relations.
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Chaos in the Koreas sees Kim Jong Un's sister emerge stronger than ever

18/06 - 21:41 - Kim Yo Jong would be the first member of North Korea's ruling family ever to enter the halls of power of a sworn enemy.
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Kim Yo-jong, la hermana de Kim Jong-un que está detrás de la explosión de la oficina de enlace con Corea del Sur

Señalada en abril como la sucesora del dictador norcoreano tras los rumores del mal estado de salud de su hermano, el pasado fin de semana advirtió que "la inútil oficina de relaciones entre el Norte y el Sur quedará completamente destruida".
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South Korean unification minister quits as North says it will send troops to Kaesong

Pyongyang says it has rejected diplomacy and will resume military exercises near the border, a day after it blew up an inter-Korean liaison office. Kim Yeon-chul says he will bear responsibility for his ministry’s failure to maintain peace on the Korean peninsula.
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Corea del Norte destruye la oficina de enlace intercoreana

Pyongyang reacciona al lanzamiento de folletos de propaganda por parte de desertores norcoreanos asentados en la vecina Corea del Sur.
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Two years after Trump-Kim summit, North Korea voices despair, vows to build military

On the second anniversary of President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, North Korea's foreign minister said hope had given way to despair and relations between the two countries had descended into a "dark nightmare," and vowed to bolster the country's military might to counter U.S. threats.
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North Korea halts all communications with South in row over leafleting

North Korea has said it will cut off all inter-Korean communication lines with the South, including a hotline between the two nations' leaders.
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Outbreak on North Korea border raises doubts over its coronavirus toll

China has put a city near the North Korea border under lockdown due to an increase in coronavirus infections, raising more questions about an outbreak in the isolated country.
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'Enemies remain enemies': N Korea hits out at South, lauds China

North lashed out at neighbour for holding military exercises, as Kim Jong Un sent message of praise to Xi Jinping.
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Kim health rumours spotlight succession in secretive North Korea

Kim Jong Un has ruled over North Korea with an iron fist, eliminating those who could threaten his position.
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La hermana de Kim Jong-un, probable sucesora del líder de Corea del Norte

Los rumores sobre la salud del dirigente norcoreano desatan las conjeturas sobre quién tomaría las riendas del régimen.
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Corea del Norte guarda silencio sobre Kim Jong-un

Desde la hermética nación asiática los medios estatales no dieron noticias sobre su líder y en la Casa Blanca, Donald Trump deseó "lo mejor" para su homólogo.
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Video: Who is Kim Jong-un’s sister? Everything we know about Kim Yo Jong

21/04 - 16:58 - The Telegraph’s Asia correspondent, Nicola Smith, explains what we know about the North Korean leader's sister and potential successor
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U.S. Accuses North Korea of Cyberattacks, a Sign That Deterrence Is Failing

Through the attacks, a report says, the North steals and launders money, extorts companies and uses digital currencies to gain cash for its nuclear program.
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North Korea fires suspected cruise missiles into sea

The presumed cruise missiles flew into the sea between the Korean peninsula and Japan. While North Korea's latest missile test was just a month ago, defense experts find this barrage of missiles particularly noteworthy.
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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un replaces almost half of top governing body in reshuffle

Kim has established an iron grip over the levers of authority in his nuclear-armed country since first inheriting power in 2011, aged in his 20s. The reshuffle came as a meeting of the country’s rubber-stamp parliament was held on Sunday, with hundreds of lawmakers pictured not wearing masks es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino