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Christine Lagarde

Economía L’OBS - Francia Organismos Internacionales

Lagarde exhorte les décideurs à dissiper les menaces qui pèsent sur l'économie mondiale

Rejetant les tentations protectionnistes et convaincue que le multilatéralisme est la seule voie à suivre, elle appelle les dirigeants à dialoguer pour tenter de "résoudre les incertitudes qui entourent le monde"
Economía Die Welt - Alemania Economía Internacional

EU Parliament backs France's Lagarde as next ECB chief

The nod from EU lawmakers paves the way for Lagarde to take up the post with the European Central Bank in November. Once formally confirmed, she will be the ECB's first female president.
Economía Expansión - México Organismos Internacionales

Carrera por dirigir el FMI: Carney, Vestager o Centeno, entre los rivales de Calviño

Entre los nombres que se barajan están el exministro británico George Osborne; el gobernador del Banco de Inglaterra, el anglo-canadiense Mark Carney; y la comisaria europea de Competencia, la danesa Margrethe Vestager.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Patrick Gillespie

Lagarde’s IMF Exit Costs Indebted Argentina Top Ally

Argentina’s record $56 billion IMF bailout remains intact and the institution is still fully behind Macri. But it remains to be seen if the next managing director will give his government the sympathetic treatment that the former French finance minister usually offered.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Simon Kennedy

Lagarde to Succeed Draghi as ECB Chief as Economy Weakens

02/07 - 15:46 - Decision to nominate IMF chief taken by EU leaders after talks. Lagarde first woman to run ECB, lacks central bank background.
Economía ABC - España Organismos Regionales Rosalía Sánchez

Draghi advierte sobre la vulnerabilidad de la economía europea

El presidente del BCE reconoce que la desaceleración general ha afectado en igual medida a todas las economías de Europa central y oriental
Economía CNBC - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Holly Ellyatt

IMF’s Lagarde and ECB’s Draghi warn against troubling developments in trade war

Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) and Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned about the global trade dispute. The trade war between the U.S. and China could get worse, Lagarde said. Europe could be hit with U.S. import tariffs on its car exports.
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional

IMF's Lagarde Warns U.S.-China Tariffs to Slash Global Growth in 2020

The International Monetary Fund does not see the threat of a global recession brought on by a widening U.S.-China trade war and potential U.S. tariffs on Mexican goods and autos, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday.
Economía 24 Heures - Suiza Economía Internacional

FMI: l'économie mondiale à un «tournant délicat»

L'économie mondiale reste «à un tournant délicat» en raison du regain des tensions commerciales entre les Etats-Unis et ses partenaires, a souligné mercredi le FMI, exhortant les pays du G20 à maintenir les taux d'intérêt à un bas niveau pour soutenir leur économie.
Economía La Vanguardia - España Economía Internacional

El FMI asegura que la economía mundial vive “un momento delicado”

La institución baraja que el 70% de los países se desaceleren este año, por lo que pide seguir trabajando en un mayor crecimiento
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Organismos Internacionales

IMF’s reputation on the line in Argentina

By the end of last year, the primary fiscal deficit sat at 2.6 per cent of GDP — lower than the IMF’s target and a far cry from the 3.8 per cent level posted in 2017. Argentina has also made strides on the trade balance, which has swung from a large deficit to a surplus of $1.18bn as of March, amid a deepening recession.
Economía Xinhua - China Economía Internacional

Presidente chino se reúne con directora del FMI

El presidente chino, Xi Jinping, se reunió hoy miércoles con la directora gerente del Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI), Christine Lagarde, antes de la inauguración del II Foro de la Franja y la Ruta para la Cooperación Internacional.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Andrew Mayeda

Betting on a Soft Landing: the Takeaways From the IMF Meetings

Global finance chiefs ended talks in Washington mixing concern toward the current state of the world economy with confidence that it will soon rebound. The shift away from tighter monetary policy by central banks, recent stimulus in China and easing trade tensions were hailed as reasons to hope the slowdown will prove short-lived although nobody forecast a renewed boom.
Argentina Daily Mail - Reino Unido Economía LUIS ALONSO LUGO

IMF: It would be foolish to abandon program in Argentina

11/04 - 13:11 - The International Monetary Fund on Thursday urged candidates in Argentina to carry on with the IMF-supported economic program after October's presidential elections.
Argentina The Japan News - Japón Economía

IMF approves $10.8 bil. disbursement to Argentina

The International Monetary Fund’s executive board approved a $10.8 billion disbursement to Argentina on Friday as part of its record credit line to the beleaguered South American nation.
Argentina La Tercera - Chile Economía

FMI elogia esfuerzos de Argentina para promover plan de estabilización económica

La directora gerente del organismo, Christine Lagarde, se reunió con el ministro de Hacienda argentino, Nicolás Dujovne, para analizar la situación económica del país.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Andrew Mayeda

Lagarde Says Europe Faces ‘Defining Moment’ as Economy Wobbles

European Union leaders need to redouble their efforts to lift living standards across the continent as populist movements question the merits of integration, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino