Christine Lagarde

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Coronavírus pode causar danos como a crise de 2008, diz Lagarde

18:19 - Presidente do Banco Central Europeu discute medidas para combater prejuízos decorrentes da pandemia
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Lagarde advierte de que el coronavirus amenaza con provocar una crisis como la de 2008

La presidenta del BCE insiste a los líderes europeos en la necesidad de responder a la epidemia de forma conjunta y sin complacencia
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La victoria de Johnson y el optimismo de Lagarde impulsan las Bolsas

El Ibex sube un 1,5%, al hilo de los parqués europeos, tras la mayoría absoluta del conservador británico, que despeja el camino al Brexit
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Is Another Dose of Peronism the Cure for Macri Economics?

09/12 - 15:10 - There is an old Argentine wisecrack that says: a person who leaves Argentina for six months, and then returns, finds the country completely transformed, but someone who returns after an absence of ten years finds that things are more or less as he or she left them. It is a joke but one whose accuracy would seem to be borne out by the results of the October 27 general election that repudiated the neoliberal government of Mauricio Macri and his Cambiemos (“Let’s Change”) party that had been in power since 2015, and instead made Alberto Fernández president and former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner the new vice-president. Thus restored to power were the Peronists who have ruled Argentina for nearly twenty-three out of the thirty-six years since the restoration of democracy in 1983.
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Christine Lagarde will need all her skills to steer ECB through trying times

The European Central Bank's first female president inherits an almost empty toolbox from her predecessor — at a time when persistently low inflation and weak growth are showing the limits of monetary policy.
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Lagarde exhorte les décideurs à dissiper les menaces qui pèsent sur l'économie mondiale

Rejetant les tentations protectionnistes et convaincue que le multilatéralisme est la seule voie à suivre, elle appelle les dirigeants à dialoguer pour tenter de "résoudre les incertitudes qui entourent le monde" es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino