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China amenaza con boicotear a Apple si Trump prohíbe WeChat en EU

China podría boicotear los productos de Apple en el país si Estados Unidos prohíbe la aplicación china WeChat, advirtió este viernes un portavoz del gobierno chino, en un contexto de tensiones crecientes entre las dos potencias.
Argentina Sputnik - Rusia Politica Latinoamericana Telma Luzzani

Jorge Taiana: "Argentina debe usar la Ruta de la Seda para su desarrollo"

Lo llaman el proyecto del siglo y ya hay 19 países de América Latina que firmaron convenios con China para unirse a la Ruta de la Seda, afirmó el senador (y excanciller) argentino Jorge Taiana. "Tenemos que sumarnos al acuerdo y buscar una perspectiva de integración regional", aseguró luego de analizar el vínculo con EEUU y al rol de la OEA.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional

South China Sea: US unveils first sanctions linked to militarisation

The latest US move against Beijing cracks down on firms whose goods may support Chinese military activities
Política Global Times - China Política Internacional

US sanctions won't deter China from seeking legal rights in S.China Sea, trade: experts

The US on Wednesday sought to further escalate tensions with China, as it moves to sanction two dozen Chinese companies that it claims help build artificial islands in the South China Sea, compounding several hot-button issues in the bilateral relationship, from the South China Sea to military to trade.
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional Stuart Lau

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok raises Hong Kong and human rights concerns with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi

Arrests of journalists and lawmakers in city, delay of Legco elections and new national security law all ‘extremely worrying developments’, Blok says. Minister also spoke about treatment of Uygurs in Xinjiang during meeting with Wang, who is on five-nation tour of Europe.
Economía Xinhua - China Industria

China's industrial profits rebound as economy firms up

Profits of China's major industrial firms maintained steady recovery in July despite uncertainties due to the grim and complex domestic and international environment, official data showed Thursday
Economía Global Times - China Economía Internacional Cui Hongjian

EU-China partnership will help both economies to recover

Owing to fears that the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to a contracted global economic crisis, countries and regions have entered a phase to solidify cooperation after months of fighting the virus separately.
Cancillería Xinhua - China Relaciones Bilaterales

OPS destaca cooperación sino-argentina en batalla contra COVID-19

La Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS) destacó hoy la cooperación sino-argentina en la batalla contra la pandemia del nuevo coronavirus (COVID-19), luego de conocerse que el país austral autorizó los ensayos clínicos de fase III de la vacuna inactivada desarrollada por China contra la enfermedad.
Política O Globo - Brasil Politica Latinoamericana Janaína Figueiredo

Brasil 'não vê problema' em hipótese de vitória de Biden, diz Ernesto Araújo

Em palestra virtual, chanceler nega alinhamento automático com os EUA, critica europeus e defende relação forte do Brasil com China e Rússia
Política Global Times - China Política Internacional

China protests US spy plane for breaching PLA no-fly zone

The Chinese military strongly protested a US spy plane trespassing into a no-fly zone of a live-fire drill by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), a spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said on Tuesday, warning that the move threatened to cause a misjudgment and even an accident, and was a blatant act of provocation.
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional Stuart Lau

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi tells European Union not to get caught up in ‘new Cold War’

Wang begins post-pandemic European tour in Italy, where Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio signals continued disapproval of Beijing’s moves on Hong Kong. Without mentioning US, Wang says any Cold War ‘hold all countries in the world hostage’
Economía CNBC - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Huileng Tan

An economic decoupling of the U.S. and China is ‘a long way away,’ says former IMF China head

“These two economies are still quite closely tied. After all, it’s very hard for the two largest economies in a way to stop bumping into each other in various dimensions,” said Eswar Prasad, previously head of the International Monetary Fund’s China division.
Economía The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional

U.S. Finds Vietnam Manipulated Currency

Treasury Department’s finding opens doors to punitive tariffs on tire imports from Vietnam
Argentina BBC - Edición Brasil Economía Internacional Marcia Carmo

'ArgenChina': por que a China desbancou Brasil como maior parceiro comercial da Argentina

Combinação de fatores, incluindo pandemia de covid-19 e desavenças entre Jair Bolsonaro e Alberto Fernández, pode explicar reviravolta nas relações comerciais entre Brasil e Argentina.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos JOHN BOWDEN

Trump administration mulls formally accusing China of Uighur 'genocide': report

15:30 - The Trump administration is considering officially classifying the treatment of China's Uighur Muslim minority by the Chinese government as a genocide, two administration officials told Politico.
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Económica Teddy Ng

China boosts macroeconomic cooperation in ‘constructive’ trade talks with US

Negotiators review progress of phase one trade deal in telephone conversation on Tuesday. Both sides say they are committed to making progress on the agreement signed last year es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino