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EU response to latest China- Hong Kong crisis cowardly and unprincipled

This week’s plenary of the European Parliament provides major opportunity to save both the integrity of the EU and the autonomy of Hong Kong.
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The drums of war in Asia grow louder

Chinese President Xi Jinping, meanwhile, is at the helm of a state that’s growing more aggressive, from its hostile rhetoric toward Taiwan to its clampdowns on civil liberties in Hong Kong, to its assertive stance in the Himalayas
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China, Africa to host summit on pandemic

Leaders of China and African countries are set to have an extraordinary summit on solidarity against the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday, a move that experts said demonstrates their joint efforts to build a community of common health based on the traditional China-Africa friendship.
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Capeco pide establecer vínculos comerciales con China

La Cámara Paraguaya de Exportadores y Comercializadores de Cereales y Oleaginosas (Capeco) pide al Gobierno establecer vínculos comerciales con China Continental. Asimismo, considera necesario que el gobierno taiwanés reactive la compra de soja paraguaya, ya que la única vez que exportó fue en el 2015.
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Bruselas pide nuevas armas para controlar la expansión comercial de China

La Comisión Europea ha propuesto este miércoles dotarse de nuevos instrumentos de defensa comercial con un ojo puesto en las ambiciones globales de Pekín
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Argentine hospital battles COVID-19 with supplies from China

A public hospital in the Argentine town of Ezeiza, located in southern Greater Buenos Aires, has been battling the novel coronavirus pandemic from the frontlines, armed with medical supplies from China.
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Nuevo dolor de cabeza con la carne en China: contratos cancelados tras rebrote del covid-19

Uruguay apelará a su estatus sanitario tras nuevo revés para su principal mercado cárnico; el INAC hace gestiones con la cancillería y el MGAP para unificar una estrategia.
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India says three soldiers killed in Ladakh 'face-off' with China

Global Times newspaper says Chinese troops also suffered casualties in the first such clash since 1975.
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Argentina elevó la faena y la exportación de carne vacuna

14:35 - En Brasil la colocación externa en lo que va de 2020 creció 9% en volumen y casi 30% en dólares respecto a igual período de 2019
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China-Germany talks set positive tone for bilateral relation, ignoring US bombast

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held a video meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday, during which Li urged both sides to expand two-way opening-up and fully utilize the "fast-track" channel to provide conveniences for enterprise cooperation, work resumption and maintain the stability of the industrial chain.
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EU parliament mulling UN court action against China’s national security law for Hong Kong

A draft resolution urges the EU to file suit with the International Court of Justice, contending that Beijing is violating Sino-British Joint Declaration. While the 27 EU states would find it difficult to act on the motion, it demonstrates the union’s disapproval over Beijing’s legal move on Hong Kong
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Exclusive: China, India border troops conduct multi-level meetings amid tensions

A source told the Global Times on Friday that Chinese and Indian border troops are conducting multi-level meetings on the ground to promote the implementation of a high-level consensus and to bring divergences under control at the frontline.
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China’s influence in Southeast Asia is growing — and the U.S. has some catching up to do

The U.S. is playing catch-up to China’s growing political and economic influence in Southeast Asia, and that gap is expected to grow wider in the next decade, according to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
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China-US tensions drive Beijing’s push of yuan in belt and road nations, but challenges remain

China is stepping up efforts to internationalise the use of the yuan in Southeast Asian nations taking part in its Belt and Road Initiative. Despite growing China-Asean trade, use of the yuan in global trade is limited and its share of currency reserves is still below 2 per cent
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China crecerá cada vez más en América Latina, si lo permite Brasil

El pasado abril, China desplazó por primera vez a Brasil como principal socio comercial de Argentina. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino