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Argentina 'is ready for G20 summit'

Argentina is going all-out for the upcoming G20 summit as it prepares to receive world leaders, Argentina Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie said in an interview with China Daily.
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Poder Ejecutivo crea un comité de asuntos con China para impulsar relación bilateral

Un comité gubernamental de asuntos con China empezará a trabajar hoy, jueves 25, buscando facilitar la instalación de inversiones de ese origen y profundizar las relaciones económicas bilaterales.
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Crossed wires: Why the U.S. and China are struggling to reach a trade deal

In a midtown Manhattan conference room, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi vented to a small group of prominent American business executives about how China had been betrayed, again and again, by a fickle United States.
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Mercosur retoma diálogo con China

Tras 14 años de inactividad, China comunista y el Mercosur retoman el diálogo para una posible firma de un tratado de libre comercio. Las partes intercambiaron información sobre su situación económica y evaluaron el comercio de bienes y servicios.
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Chinese media accuse Trump of playing 'high-stakes game' in the Taiwan Strait

The passage of two U.S. warships through the Taiwan Strait on Monday drew sharp criticism from a Chinese state-controlled newspaper. In a Tuesday editorial, the China Daily accused President Donald Trump's administration of "playing a high stakes game backing Taipei." The incident comes amid worsening U.S.-China military and economic relations.
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Chinese deals are too good to be true, US tells Latin America

China has called the US secretary of state “ignorant and malicious” after Mike Pompeo suggested that Latin America should be wary of Beijing’s growing investment in the region.
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Japan’s Abe will meet China’s Xi — under the shadow of Trump

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits China this week for a summit with President Xi Jinping. Often tense relations between the two Asian countries have improved in recent years, and ties are growing increasingly complicated because of U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war against Beijing. Political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group says the long-term outlook for China-Japan relations remains “challenging” due to a “clash of basic views and interests.”
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U.S. warships pass through Taiwan Strait amid China tensions

The United States sent two warships through the Taiwan Strait on Monday in the second such operation this year, as the U.S. military increases the frequency of transits through the strategic waterway despite opposition from China.
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Impact of a trade war on China’s luxury shoppers is ‘minimal’ for now

Most of the impact will be limited for now as luxury goods are not part of the list of products affected by the first two phases of the trade sanctions,says Pascal Martin at OC&C Strategy Consultants. The U.S. has implemented tariffs on around $250 billion worth of Chinese goods that enter its borders, and China has retaliated with extra levies on roughly $110 billion of imports from the U.S.
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Tras 14 años, se volvieron a reunir China y el Mercosur

Todavía no está claro qué tipo de acuerdo se intentará lograr.
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Pompeo's remarks about China both ignorant and malicious: China Daily editorial

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has just concluded a tour to Latin America in an apparent attempt to mend fences with countries in the region, as ties between Washington and its Latin American neighbors have been on a downward trajectory since Donald Trump became president.
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EE.UU. se sale del pacto nuclear con Rusia para rearmarse frente a China

Los socios de la OTAN alertan del grave riesgo de la proliferación de misiles en Europa
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Emma Dunkley

Chinese stocks have their best day in 3 years

Chinese stocks had their biggest one-day gain in almost three years on Monday, staging a dramatic rebound after Beijing made a concerted move last week to reassure investors and buoy markets following a steep sell-off.
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Chile Week China buscará posicionar a nuestro país como puerta de entrada a la región

Programa promocional internacional, que encabezará el canciller Roberto Ampuero, apunta a convertir al país en una futura plataforma de inversiones y pondrá énfasis en el consumidor final del gigante oriental.
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China y EE UU tratan de normalizar sus relaciones militares

El secretario de Defensa, James Mattis, y su homólogo chino, Wei Fenghe, se reúnen en Singapur tras la cancelación de su encuentro en Pekín
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Gerry Shih

China’s economy grows at its slowest pace since early 2009

China’s economy is growing at the slowest pace since the depths of the financial crisis in early 2009, according to newly released official data that heightens pressure on the leaders in Beijing navigating a trade dispute with Washington.
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Guerra comercial golpea a China: PIB habría caído a niveles de 2009

El crecimiento entre julio y septiembre sería de 6,6%, mientras el país se ahoga en deudas, según S&P
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Alan Rappeport 

Trump Embarks on Bilateral Trade Talks to Pressure China

Fresh off securing trade agreements with South Korea, Canada and Mexico, President Trump is embarking on a new plan: refashioning the Trans-Pacific Partnership to his liking through a flurry of bilateral trade deals.
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ENTREVISTA: Vicecanciller uruguayo optimista ante reactivación de mecanismo de consulta Mercosur-China

El viceministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Uruguay, Ariel Bergamino, espera una reunión "amigable" y "productiva" del mecanismo de consulta entre Mercosur (Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay) y China que volverá a sesionar después de 14 años este jueves en Montevideo.
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US-China tensions soar as 'new cold war' heats up

Rivalry escalates amid concerns over trade, as warships nearly collide and an FBI trap angers Beijing es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino