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Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Jennifer Jacobs

Trump Says Farewell at Airbase Send-Off, Leaves a Note for Biden

13:11 - Donald Trump departed the White House a final time as president Wednesday, skipping Joe Biden’s inauguration and instead throwing a military-style send-off for himself before leaving for his Florida resort.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Brett Samuels

Trump exits White House silenced by Twitter, shunned by some in

13:03 - President Trump will depart the White House Wednesday after four tumultuous years that will be defined by a mob riot and bipartisan impeachment vote in his final weeks in office.
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional Alexander Pearson

US formally asks Germany to 'help secure' Strait of Hormuz

The US wants Germany to take part in a UK-proposed, European-led naval mission to protect ships traveling through the Persian Gulf. The US embassy confirmed to DW that the mission would "combat Iranian aggression."
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Peter Baker

Mueller Delivered a Message. Washington Couldn’t Agree on What It Was.

At long last, the sphinx of Washington spoke on Wednesday, and here is what President Trump heard: “Case closed.” Here is what the president’s adversaries heard: “Time to impeach.”
Política The Washington Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Carol D. Leonnig

Barr puts Trump’s actions in best light, despite ‘substantial evidence’ of obstruction cited by Mueller

It was one of the most dramatic cases of potential obstruction of justice laid out by federal investigators: President Trump directing the top White House lawyer to seek the removal of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — and then later pushing him to deny the episode.
Política The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Rachael Bade

Trump’s lack of cooperation with Congress intensifies impeachment push in House

Frustration among House Democratic investigators is intensifying after President Trump’s refusal to cooperate with congressional inquiries, leading some to privately question whether they should try to pressure Speaker Nancy Pelosi into launching impeachment proceedings.
Política O Estado de Sao Paulo - Brasil Beatriz Bulla

Bolsonaro oferece a Trump fidelidade total em troca de promessas inéditas

O encontro de ontem entre os presidentes Jair Bolsonaro e Donald Trump selou a aproximação com os EUA que o Brasil buscava. Na Casa Branca, o brasileiro ofereceu a Trump apoio total e recebeu em troca concessões e promessas que estavam além do radar de negociadores e diplomatas brasileiros. De olho em vantagens econômicas, Bolsonaro endossou, por exemplo, a tática americana para apressar a queda de Nicolás Maduro na Venezuela.
Política The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Maggie Haberman

El dilema de la Casa Blanca: sin muro, sin administración y sin estrategia

El presidente Donald Trump ha insistido en que no hará concesiones a los demócratas para detener el cierre de la administración, y que se siente cómodo en su postura inflexible. Sin embargo, en privado, la historia a veces es otra.
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Eileen Sullivan

Trump Cancels Davos Trip, Citing Battle Over Border Security at Home

President Trump on Thursday canceled his planned trip to the annual and glittering economic conference in Davos, Switzerland, citing what he called the Democrats’ intransigence on his funding request to build a wall along the United States’ southern border.
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Peter Baker

Donald Trump, cada vez más aislado, ve ‘una guerra cada día’

Cuando el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, se siente frustrado con sus asesores durante las reuniones —lo que sucede con frecuencia—, se reclina en la silla, cruza los brazos y frunce el ceño. Con frecuencia estalla. “¡Malditos imbéciles!”, les dice a sus asistentes.
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EE. UU. asegura que Rusia retirará sus bombarderos de Venezuela

Según la Casa Blanca las aeronaves militares se irán el viernes. El gobierno colombiano y el secretario general de la OEA, Luis Almagro, se manifestaron preocupados por la situación.
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional The Editorial Board

‘His Dirty Deeds’

Michael Cohen said President Trump led him into darkness. The courts brought him into the light.
Política The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Medio Ambiente Griff Witte

That was awkward — at world’s biggest climate conference, U.S. promotes fossil fuels

President Trump’s top White House adviser on energy and climate stood before the crowd of some 200 people on Monday and tried to burnish the image of coal, the fossil fuel that powered the industrial revolution — and is now a major culprit behind the climate crisis world leaders are meeting here to address.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Martin Belam

'She touched him': Acosta row engulfs social media

Trump backers and opponents dissect video of flashpoint at White House press conference
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Politica Latinoamericana

Maduro dice que EE.UU. ordenó a Colombia su asesinato

El presidente venezolano afirmó que el Gobierno de Washington mantiene una campaña permanente en su contra para "justificar la orden que ha dado la Casa Blanca".
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Matthew Weaver

Brett Kavanaugh: US senators begin reading FBI report on sexual misconduct claims

White House says it is ‘fully confident’ in Donald Trump’s nominee for the supreme court, as Senators begin reviewing report in a secure room
Economía The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Kate Davidson

U.S., China May Resume Trade Talks in December, White House Says

Economic adviser Lawrence Kudlow said a meeting could take place when policy makers meet in Buenos Aires for the Group of 20 meeting es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino