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Argentine bonds slammed as coronavirus hits high-risk assets

Argentine risk spreads on Monday shot to levels not seen since 2005 and sovereign bond prices fell 7.5%, as the coronavirus slammed global markets and the cash-strapped country prepared to restructure debt.
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Acciones chilenas acusan golpe del coronavirus: todas registran caídas en la semana

El mayor castigo se observó en las acciones de Latam, que apuntaron un desplome de 7%, lo que está en línea con la fuerte caída que anotó el Bovespa.
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Argentine bonds drop after Buenos Aires province seeks payment extension

Buenos Aires bonds added to recent losses on Tuesday after the province asked holders for an extension on a more than $250 million payment due later this month, dragging Argentina’s debt lower as well.
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Argentina Bonds May Be Worth Less Than 40 Cents in a Default

Less than two years after Argentina made a splash in markets by selling a $2.75 billion, 100-year bond, another debt restructuring is a real possibility after President Mauricio Macri was routed in a primary election.
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U.S. Stocks Fall Fifth Day as Treasuries Retreat: Markets Wrap

Ten-year yield climbs to 3.23% after declining on Tuesday. S&P 500 in longest slump since November 2016, dollar firm es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino