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Brexit: May offering EU workers in UK 'second-class citizenship' – MEPs

EU parliament’s Brexit coordinator among group of MEPs saying PM’s opening offer falls short of EU proposal and even Vote Leave’s campaign pledges
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A spat about seafood shows the compromises that Brexit will force

Legally complex, hard to enforce and probably bad for Britain: fishing is a case study of the negotiations
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Barnier advierte a Reino Unido: un acuerdo "sin fisuras" no es posible

El negociador-jefe de la Unión Europea (UE) para el Brexit, Michel Barnier, ha advertido a ministros y empresas británicas que quieren " acuerdo comercial sin fisuras" con la UE tras abandonarla, que no es posible.
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Real disposable income per head fell 2% in first quarter of 2017 from year earlier, the steepest decline since end of 2011

Rising prices in the wake of the Brexit vote have put the tightest squeeze on household incomes for more than five years, according to official figures on Britons’ economic wellbeing.
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China’s economy in rude health but caution needed

The colossal economic engine of China kept its strong momentum in the first half of 2017, with annualized growth widely projected at 6.8 percent. Entering the second half, we haven't heard any sputtering noises, even though the authorities have tightened monetary policy to rid the world's second-largest economy of any hidden risks.
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David Cameron calls Tory austerity critics selfish, not compassionate

Former British PM says ministers calling for public sector pay cap to be lifted wanted to spend money they might need in future
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London financial chiefs to meet EU over post-Brexit role

London's banking chiefs will travel to Brussels this week to shore up the UK capital's financial services sector post-Brexit. Several banks are planning to move staff to Frankfurt and Dublin to satisfy EU finance rules.
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UK considers potential shortcut on trade deals post-Brexit

Associate membership of European Free Trade Association could give UK access to trade deals while it negotiates its own
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The Queen's Speech debate showed Labour has become an effective opposition

Theresa May is likely to hang on as Prime Minister for the time being but only because Conservative MPs are terrified of another General Election
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Bruselas anuncia recortes en el presupuesto de la UE para compensar el agujero del 'Brexit'

Apenas una semana después del inicio de las negociaciones con Reino Unido para definir su salida de la UE, el balance en Bruselas es claro: o se buscan nuevas formas de financiación o habrá que hacer recortes.
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Philip Hammond at odds with David Davis over Brexit transition

Chancellor takes jab at Boris Johnson and advocates softer EU departure while Brexit secretary says UK will be out of customs union by 2019 es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino