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Japanese prime minister Abe tells May he wants ‘transparency and predictability’ in Brexit

Theresa May signs a visitor's book after meeting crew, inclduing some from the Royal Navy, on board the Japanese aircraft carrier JS Izumo at Yokosuka Naval Base today
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El Brexit abre una oportunidad para que Uruguay aumente sus exportaciones a Europa, sostiene el nuevo embajador británico

La carne uruguaya, mayormente producida en base a razas ganaderas británicas, como Hereford y Angus, es el principal producto exportado de Uruguay al Reino Unido. Además, el agro uruguayo coloca celulosa, lana, carne ovina, arroz y algunas frutas en ese mercado
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Juncker no ve satisfactoria ninguna propuesta de Londres sobre el Brexit

El presidente de la Comisión Europea asegura que no se hablará de comercio hasta resolver el divorcio con Reino Unido
Economía BBC - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Joe Miller

Frankfurt is winning the battle for Brexit spoils

Viewed from the 38th floor of a newly-built skyscraper in the centre of the city, Frankfurt resembles a construction site.
Política The Independent - Reino Unido Política Internacional Andrew Hammond

The EU isn’t getting weaker – in fact, it’s planning to have its own army

While such a force is at best a longer-term aspiration, the European Defence Action Plan has a goal of reversing around a decade of defence spending cuts by EU states
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Migrants on the Move

Net migration to Britain is dropping but the country still needs foreign talent. It is time for overseas students to be removed from the numbers
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Sam Coates

Home Office hid study warning of terror and crime risks after Brexit

Theresa May’s Home Office drew up an unpublished document that revealed how Britons could be more at risk of terrorism and crime after Brexit.
Economía Express - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Will Kirby

EU’s secret trade plans to outplay Britain REVEALED…

THE EUROPEAN Union’s extensive plans for new trade deals have been revealed in a letter from the German economic ministry as the bloc tries to bolster its international ties ahead of Brexit.
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Where is Boris Johnson?

Britain’s decision to leave the EU has privately dismayed many Whitehall mandarins. Few seem to feel the pain as much as those who were once in charge of Britain’s foreign and defence policy.
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Will Brexit boost or hurt the economy?

Can freer trade and no EU regulations help us? Economist Patrick Minford and Green party economy spokeswoman Molly Scott Cato go head to head
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Londres planea mantener la libre circulación para los ciudadanos de la UE pero restringir el derecho al trabajo

El Gobierno de May 'filtra' su propuesta de política de inmigración tras la controversia sobre la frontera de Irlanda del Norte
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos

Frankfurt and Dublin Make Bankers Feel Wanted in Battle for Brexit Jobs

"I'm here to send you the regards of the Federal Chancellor. I am entitled to tell you we want you in Germany." This private message from Angela Merkel, delivered by a regional politician to Wall Street bankers last year, is having the desired effect.
Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Richard Partington

Leaving EU without deal would be no disaster, says thinktank

Institute for Economic Affairs says UK should resort to WTO rules and strike free trade agreements with trading partners
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Oliver Wright

EU migrants can come to live in Britain after Brexit

Freedom of movement will continue under plans, with no immigration controls along Irish border es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino