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Brexit breakthrough: Liam Fox reveals 40 non-EU countries will make trade transition EASY

LIAM FOX has claimed the UK will have “continuity” with countries around the world after it has cut ties with the European Union.
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Don't let EU dictate Brexit! Trump adviser warns May Brussels could scupper quick US deal

THERESA May should not align too closely with the EU post-Brexit as she would risk losing out on a free-trade deal with the US, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce declared.
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Brexit uncertainty is jeopardising public finances, watchdog warns

Economy is facing significant risks which could be exacerbated by unexpected developments, says National Audit Office report
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Brexit: EU businesses plan to scale back orders from UK suppliers

Sixty-three per cent of EU companies expect to move some of their supply chain out of Britain
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Bank of England issues fresh warning about Brexit's impact on UK economy

02/11 - ‘The decision to leave the European Union is having a noticeable impact on the economic outlook,’ the Bank says
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Watchdog starts inquiry into Russia Brexit links

An inquiry will examine the growing role of social media in elections amid concerns that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is trying to destabilise the democratic process
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Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

The Bank of England believes that up to 75,000 jobs could be lost in financial services following Britain's departure from the European Union.
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Brexit transition period likely to be limited to 20 months, EU officials say

Despite Theresa May’s request for two-year transition Brussels sources say exit date likely to be 31 December 2020
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BREXIT BOOST: Britain WILL use foreign aid budget to secure trade deals after EU exit

20:01 - THE International Development Secretary has said that the foreign aid budget will be used to promote “Global Britain” and be used in the “national interest” to help secure post-Brexit trade deals.
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Brexit, una cosecha de incertidumbre

El adiós británico y las tensiones en la UE obligan a redefinir la financiación y el modelo agrícola español
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The Brexit economy: the storm clouds are gathering

Guardian analysis of key economic figures paints a picture of deepening gloom, with rising inflation denting consumer spending and investment
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Former WTO boss warns Brexit trade agreement with EU could take SEVEN YEARS

A Former World Trade Organisation (WTO) Director-General warned that Britain’s worst option post-Brexit would be to trade under WTO rules, amid claims that Britain is preparing for Brexit talks to fail.
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Barnier : « Nous ne laisserons pas le Brexit affaiblir le marché unique »

14:37 - Au lendemain d'un Conseil européen qui n'a pas permis d'avancer sur le Brexit, le Savoyard rappelle l'importance stratégique de la relation future avec Londres mais met en garde le Royaume-Uni contre tout marchandage : le marché unique n'est pas à la carte.
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UK plan to register EU citizens would be illegal, say MEPs

Britain will have to register ‘everyone or no one’ in Brexit transition, says cross-party group after Amber Rudd outlines plans
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Brexit trade talks will be more complicated than first phase, says Merkel

German chancellor upbeat on progress of divorce talks but cautions that next stage of negotiations will be ‘a bit more difficult’
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Trading Places

The government is considering Brexit on World Trade Organisation terms. This might strengthen our hand with Brussels but it would be a risky route.
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“Un Brexit sin acuerdo no es probable, pero debemos prepararnos para ello”

El jefe negociador británico considera que han avanzado todo lo que pueden en este punto del proceso y confía en que el viernes los Veintisiete acepten desbloquear el Brexit
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How money will divide Europe after Brexit

Right now the European Union is united on one thing above all: to get Britain to pay as big a divorce bill as possible when it exits the EU. But while money will unite leaders at this week’s European summit, it will divide them after Brexit.
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It's not Brexit but wage stagnation which is the biggest problem in economics today

If inflation keeps on rising, Mark Carney will have to write to Philip Hammond explaining why inflation is so high If you cannot raise UK interest rates now, with full employment, record high levels of labour participation, and with the inflation rate at 3pc and likely to go higher still in coming months, when can you? In normal circumstances, there would be no question about what the Bank of England should do. Regrettably, circumstances remain far from normal. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino