Benjamin Netanyahu

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Trump announces opening of relations between Sudan and Israel

14:45 - President Trump on Friday announced an opening of relations between Sudan and Israel, building upon a breakthrough of diplomatic ties between the Jewish state and Gulf Arab nations that have traditionally shunned Israel over its conflict with the Palestinians.
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55% of Israelis think recent lockdown was politically motivated

The survey also highlighted the lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to manage the coronavirus crisis.
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EU said to condition expanding aid on PA’s acceptance of tax funds from Israel

17:44 - Report says European countries told Abbas to take the money Israel is holding on the Palestinians’ behalf, but he refused without written commitment annexation won’t happen
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El Parlamento israelí restringe las manifestaciones en medio de las protestas contra Netanyahu

El Parlamento israelí ha aprobado en la madrugada de este miércoles restricciones a las manifestaciones en el país en el marco del confinamiento decretado por el aumento de los casos de COVID-19 pese a las críticas desatadas por la medida dadas las protestas de las últimas semanas contra el primer ministro, Benjamin Netanyahu.
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Israel sacrifica su economía y opta por endurecer el confinamiento: "El objetivo es salvar vidas"

Tras llegar a un récord de 7.000 contagios diarios, el Gabinete israelí aprueba un cierre de dos semanas para frenar la segunda ola. Se limitarán también las plegarias y las manifestaciones.
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Trump at UN: Other countries ‘coming fast’ to make peace with Israel

22/09 - 15:25 - US president spends most of General Assembly virtual address railing at Beijing for unleashing ‘China virus’ on world, calling on international body to hold it accountable
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Netanyahu on return to Israel: We brought peace

Speaking over the plane’s loudspeaker of his “historic visit,” Netanyahu referred to the folk song Hevenu Shalom Aleichem, which means “we brought peace unto you.”
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After rockets, Netanyahu says Palestinians want to set back peace, won’t succeed

Hamas warns it may escalate conflict; opposition lawmakers slam PM over Gaza attack that came as he was in Washington signing agreements with UAE, Bahrain.
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Paz entre Israel, EAU y Bahréin: cómo queda la causa palestina tras el acuerdo entre Tel Aviv y los países del Golfo

16:48 - Los acuerdos de Abraham, que normalizan las relaciones entre Israel y Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU) y Bahréin, abren un nuevo capítulo en la historia de Oriente Medio.
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Netanyahu flies to Washington to sign historic peace deals with UAE and Bahrain

On our way to bring peace in exchange for peace,’ says PM, vowing agreements will be economic boon for the country; protesters briefly close entry roads to Ben Gurion Airport.
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Trump announces 'peace deal' between Bahrain and Israel

15:21 - Israel and the Gulf state of Bahrain have reached a landmark deal to fully normalise their relations, US President Donald Trump has announced.
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Netanyahu acorta su viaje a EEUU para el acuerdo con Emiratos por la crisis del coronavirus

El primer ministro de Israel, Benjamín Netanyahu, que lidia con una creciente crisis por la segunda ola de COVID-19, hará un corto viaje a EE.UU. para firmar el martes 15 el acuerdo de normalización de relaciones con Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU), aseguró hoy el ministro de Salud, Yuli Edelstein.
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Israel, UAE to sign deal at White House ceremony next Tuesday

17:52 -Israeli delegation to be led by Netanyahu, who says he is ‘proud’ to attend event; Emirati FM bin Zayad, brother of crown prince, to represent UAE
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US brokers economic breakthrough for Serbia, Kosovo

13:46 - The leaders of Serbia and Kosovo agreed to normalize economic relations in a meeting at the White House with President Trump on Friday, with the Muslim-majority nations also notably agreeing to closer ties with Israel.
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Israel, UAE sign first cooperation agreement

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the agreement, saying they will “help us promote mutual investments and broad cooperation.
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UK foreign minister to meet Israeli, PA leaders to press for dialogue

British foreign minister Dominic Raab will meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas this week to press for renewed dialogue between their governments to pursue a negotiated two-state solution.
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Netanyahu amaga con forzar las cuartas elecciones en año y medio

El primer ministro maniobra para aferrarse al poder entre múltiples crisis: pandemia descontrolada, otra oleada de violencia en Gaza y crecientes protestas en la calle
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Elections avoided day before deadline, Netanyahu accepts compromises

The budget deadline extension bill passed its final readings in the Knesset Finance Committee early Monday.
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Colombia will open trade office in Jerusalem, President Duque says

16:40 - Announcement comes during event to mark ratification of bilateral free-trade agreement with Israel signed 7 years ago — the Latin American country’s first in the Middle East
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Early election speculation grows as no agenda published for cabinet meeting

In rarity, not a single item up for discussion in Sunday gathering as Likud rejects Blue and White’s offers, amid budget standoff that will trigger vote if not solved by August 25. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino