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Israel parliament dissolves, sparking fourth election in two years

Israel's parliament dissolved on Wednesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's fractured ruling coalition failed to pass a budget, triggering a fourth election in two years and renewing an unprecedented political crisis.
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Israeli government collapses, sending country back to elections for fourth time in two years

19:00 - Israel's fractious coalition government collapsed Tuesday night, forcing the country into its fourth round of national elections in less than two years.
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Israel barrels towards fourth election within two years

If budget is not agreed on Tuesday, parliament will dissolve and trigger snap election in March
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La maldición electoral fractura a la derecha en un Israel ingobernable

Netanyahu y Gantz empujan a los israelíes sin remedio hacia los cuartos comicios en dos años a pesar de la pandemia
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Netanyahu said set to speak with Moroccan king Friday on normalization deal

Trump also to take part in call, Israeli officials tell local media; Israeli airlines all plan to operate routes; diplomat says Biden unlikely to reverse West Sahara decision
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Netanyahu: Vaccine drive to begin December 27, with 60,000 shots given a day

17:31 - Prime minister encourages all to be inoculated, says authorities developing ‘green passport’ allowing entry to malls, events for those who receive the inoculation
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Committee advances bill to dissolve Knesset, setting election date for March 16

Bill passes 10-7, with Blue and White voting in favor alongside opposition parties; legislation now heads to plenum for 3 votes, first of which is set to take place Monday
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Gantz says party will vote to dissolve Knesset, setting stage for new elections

16:17 - Says Blue and White will back preliminary bill Wed. to disband parliament; Netanyahu, by refusing to pass budget, ‘decided to break up the coalition and drag Israel to elections’
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Killing of suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind risks confrontation as Trump exits

18:16 - An Iranian scientist long suspected by the West of masterminding a secret nuclear bomb programme was killed in an ambush near Tehran on Friday that could provoke confrontation between Iran and its foes in the last weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency.
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Benjamin Netanyahu is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following recent breakthroughs in relationships between Israel and Arab states

14:50 - Good Friday Agreement lawmaker Lord Trimble nominated the Israeli PM. He also nominated Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Crown Prince. Israel has normalised ties with Gulf states Bahrain and UAE in recent months. There are rumours that Netanyahu even travelled to meet MBS in Saudi Arabia.
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Netanyahu said to ask US for okay to advance East Jerusalem building plans

17:52 - PM reportedly intends to discuss constructing thousands of homes in Atarot with Pompeo, wanting to establish facts on the ground before Biden takes office
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Biden speaks with leaders of Israel, India

16:10 - President-elect Joe Biden spoke with the leaders of Israel and India on Tuesday as he continues to shore up support from key global allies before entering office in January.
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Blue and White MKs threatening to split off if Gantz bows to Netanyahu on budget

5 senior lawmakers would form new faction and join opposition, says member of potential breakaway group, declaring each day the unity government continues is a ‘disaster’
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After US elections, Israel needs to invest in ties with US Democrats

16:21 - A strong Israel and a strong America are allies and it is essential for future Democrats to feel close to Israel and welcomed.
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Trump, Netanyahu celebrate ‘a pivot of history,’ laden with electoral overtones

17:01 - The president announces a highly significant breakthrough, and the delighted Israeli prime minister dodges a bullet when asked if Biden could have done it es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino