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Benjamin Netanyahu

Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional

Israel's Lawmakers Deliver Setback for Netanyahu Immunity

13/01 - 14:42 - Israeli lawmakers on Monday approved the formation of a committee to consider Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request for legal immunity, a major setback for the embattled leader who is seeking to fend off corruption charges.
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional Raphael Ahren

Iran will suffer ‘crushing blow’ if it attacks Israel, Netanyahu warns

At same conference, US Ambassador Friedman says US has strongest army in the world, prays for ‘overwhelming’ victory over Tehran.
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Julian Borgen

US allies distance themselves from Trump decision to assassinate Suleimani

06/01 - 17:22 - Netanyahu tells security cabinet meeting they ‘should not be dragged into it’ as Saudi minister urges restraint in Washington
Política The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Steve Hendrix

U.S. strike gives Netanyahu a chance to shift focus from legal woes, but not for long

When a U.S. strike killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani last week, it gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu three things he dearly wanted: a strong blow against Iran, relief from growing fears that President Trump was backing out of the Middle East and a change of subject from the corruption indictments dogging him two months before a national election.
Política La Vanguardia - España Política Internacional

Netanyahu pedirá inmunidad al Parlamento para evitar ser juzgado por corrupción

Esta medida podría retrasar durante meses los procesos penales a los que se enfrenta el primer ministro israelí.
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional

Netanyahu declares ‘huge victory,’ Sa’ar concedes, in Likud leadership contest

26/12 - 18:21 - On course for landslide win, PM thanks Likud for its ‘trust and love’; Sa’ar says primary was vital for Likud’s democratic character, backs Netanyahu ahead of March 2 elections
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional

Benjamin Netanyahu takes shelter after rocket launched from Gaza

Second attack in three months forces Israel’s prime minister to interrupt campaign rally.
Política El Mundo - España Política Internacional Sal Emergui

Prueba de fuego para Benjamin Netanyahu

El "premier" israelí se enfrenta mañana a las primarias de su partido, el Likud, con un rival fuerte por primera vez en la última década
Política O Estado de Sao Paulo - Brasil Relaciones Bilaterales

Brasil abre escritório em Jerusalém e renova promessa de mudar embaixada

Nova diplomacia: Em visita a Israel e ao lado do primeiro-ministro Binyamin Netanyahu, Eduardo Bolsonaro volta a defender que governo brasileiro considere o Hezbollah, grupo xiita que faz parte da coalizão que governa o Líbano, como organização terrorista
Política Russia Today (RT) - Rusia Política Internacional

"Es un compromiso": Hijo de Bolsonaro confirma que Brasil trasladará su Embajada a Jerusalén

El primer ministro israelí, Benjamín Netanyahu, precisó, por su parte, que Brasil reubicará la misión diplomática en 2020.
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Relaciones Exteriores

Netanyahu to meet Pompeo this week in Portugal

Prime minister and US secretary of state will likely discuss in Lisbon shared concerns on Iran, before top US diplomat visits Morocco
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Gil Hoffman

No agreement reached during Netanyahu, Gantz talks as third election looms

"In short, Netanyahu has decided on elections," said Blue and White. "Nevertheless we will continue until the last moment to try and exhaust every opportunity to form a government."
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Herb Keinon

To India's Modi, Netanyahu remains a 'dear friend'

“My dear friend Bibi,” Modi wrote in a tweet. “Thank you for your message on India's #ConstitutionDay. Israel is a cherished strategic partner. We share and value the same principles of democracy.”
Política El País - España Política Internacional Editorial

Netanyahu, procesado

La gravedad de las acusaciones contra el primer ministro israelí hacen inviable su permanencia en el cargo
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional

After charges, Gantz demands Netanyahu quit his ministries, right pledges faith

Blue and White asks AG to require PM give up 4 ministerial portfolios; other rivals plan rallies, High Court appeals; more Likud ministers speak up for premier after staying silent
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional Raoul Wootliff

Accusing Netanyahu of trying to steal election, Gantz opens campaign for another

Contrasting his own outlook with Netanyahu’s, the Blue and White chief paints a picture of two different leaders – one selfless, the other self-obsessed – and two different Israels
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Israel says it bombed Iranian, Syrian targets inside Syria

Syrian state media says two civilians killed in attack, air defences destroyed most missiles fired over Damascus.
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional Raoul Wootliff

President: Despite Gaza conflict, no extension possible for would-be PM Gantz

With 7 days remaining for Blue and White leader to form government, Rivlin meets with Liberman, says he’s ‘available to the sides for any further clarification’ on his unity plan es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino