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The IMF should turn to special drawing rights in its Covid-19 response

The writer is the governor of the People’s Bank of China - An issue of SDRs would help developing countries inadequately covered by current financial safety nets
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Coronavirus: can China’s economy rebound in 2020 second quarter with the rest of the world still in trouble?

Some private economists say China’s economic growth will bounce back in the second quarter, although there is debate about how strong it will be.
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China Rejoins Monetary Easing Wave as World Shuts Down

China’s central bank cut the interest rate it charges on loans to banks by the biggest amount since 2015 as authorities ramp up their response to the worsening economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic.
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China baja los tipos al 4,05% para amortiguar el efecto del coronavirus

China ha rebajado al 4,05% su tipo de referencia para préstamos que el Banco del Pueblo de China (BPC, central) comenzó a medir en agosto para reducir el coste del endeudamiento corporativo y aliviar así el impacto económico causado por el coronavirus.
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Banco Central y el Banco Popular firman convenio para invertir en el mercado interbancario de bonos en China

Hasta la firma de este convenio, el emisor local operaba con un acuerdo exclusivo con el Banco Popular de China y a partir de ahora, podrá hacerlo tanto con entidades públicas como privadas de ese país.
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China's central bank skips open market operations for 25 trading days

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- China's central bank Thursday skipped open market operations for a 25th trading day, the longest stretch since early 2016, citing sufficient liquidity in the banking system.
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China is underestimating its US$3 trillion dollar debt and this could trigger a financial crisis, says economist

Property developers and other mainland companies and investors that have borrowed dollar-denominated debt at low US interest rates are now facing repayment problems due to Federal Reserve rate increases and stronger greenback
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China's central bank injects funds into market via MLF

China's central bank Monday injected 403.5 billion yuan (58.48 billion US dollars) into the market via the medium-term lending facility (MLF) to maintain liquidity.
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New steps set to halt debt surge

Policymakers consider more measures to shore up growth es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino