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Entrevista: “TLC con Australia entraría en vigencia el próximo año”

Entrevista. El Perú continúa abriendo más mercados con el objetivo de elevar el volumen de sus exportaciones tanto tradicionales como con valor agregado. Según el viceministro de Comercio Exterior, el próximo año un nuevo TLC se sumará a los 21 suscritos hasta la fecha.
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Could a solution to reducing aviation emissions be found in the Arabian Desert?

The aviation industry is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2011, aviation contributed around 3% of Australia's emissions. Despite improvements in efficiency, global aviation emissions are expected to grow 70% by 2020 from 2005. While the industry is seeking new renewable fuel sources, growing biofuels takes up valuable land and water that could be otherwise used to grow food.
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SQM acuerda adquisición de 50% de proyecto de litio en Australia

El acuerdo con la empresa Kidman contempla el desarrollo conjunto del proyecto ubicado en el estado de Western.
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How Energy-Rich Australia Exported Its Way Into an Energy Crisis

The world’s No. 2 seller abroad of liquefied natural gas holds so little in reserve that it can’t keep the lights on in Adelaide—a cautionary tale for the U.S.
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Australian PM keen to sign trade deal with UK, after one with EU

The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has he is determined to sign a trade deal with the UK as soon as it is lawfully able to sign one on leaving the EU – but said his country is seeking a similar deal with the European Union even before the UK leaves.
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Fast Asia Open: Australia trade balance, Thailand consumer confidence

Federal Reserve policymakers are ready to press ahead with the unwinding of its crisis-era economic stimulus programme within months, as they gear up to shrink the central bank’s swollen balance sheet in spite of a spate of weak inflation readings.
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What's the secret behind Australia's unbroken growth?

Australia's economy has expanded continously for over a quarter of a century without undergoing a recession. Despite the impressive achievement, the country faces a slew of challenges that might end its growth streak.
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Argentina y Australia firman convenio en educación

Argentina y Australia firmaron un memorando de entendimiento sobre educación durante la visita oficial a Buenos Aires que realizó la ministra de Relaciones Exteriores de ese país, Julie Bishop.
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Australia capitalizes on trade amid uncertainty over TPP

Australia is boosting exports of beef, fruit and other products to Japan in a growing trade offensive. The nation has an advantage in comparison to competitors the United States and New Zealand because the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and Australia that took effect in January 2015 reduced tariffs on Australian goods.
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US decision to ban beef from Brazil could be a boon for Australian farmers

AUSTRALIAN beef producers could be the big winners in the wake of a US ban on Brazilian beef exports.
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Fab four: wines from Italy, Argentina; French cognac

I always find it strange that Australia celebrates the Queen’s birthday, and stranger still that it is celebrated on different dates in different states. Still, I have just enjoyed a long weekend in the Queen’s honour so I am all for maintaining the tradition.
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Australian lithium miner Neometals plans U.S listing

Neometals considers splitting technology from mining business. Shares down nearly 20 percent in 2017 es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino