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Fraying Relations With China Are About to Hit Australian Economy

18:00 - Australia’s economic resilience in the wake of China’s efforts to punish it for diplomatic slights has some Down Under declaring victory. They might be speaking too soon.
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Biden Wants Kabul Attackers to Be Killed: Afghanistan Update

15:24 - Large crowds milled around Kabul’s international airport on Friday despite repeated warnings of more terrorist attacks, a day after 13 U.S. service members and at least 75 Afghan citizens died in what the Pentagon now says was a single suicide bombing rather than the two previously reported.
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Large Covid-related protests hit France, Italy and Australia.

Over 160,000 demonstrators took to the streets in France on Saturday to protest the government’s Covid-19 health pass policy, with brief clashes between largely unmasked protesters and police officers in Paris followed by wafts of tear gas that were reminiscent of the Yellow Vest turmoil of several years ago.
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With half the country in lockdown, Australia’s prime minister apologizes for slow vaccine rollout.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia apologized on Thursday for delays in the country’s vaccine program, amid mounting pressure to take responsibility with half the population in lockdown because of outbreaks driven by the Delta variant.
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New Coronavirus Variants Seen as Too Contagious for Hotel Quarantines

Australia and China are building facilities to house international travelers that experts say will be more effective at stopping the virus from leaking out
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Australia aumenta restricciones por rebrote de COVID-19

Nueva Zelanda suspendió su burbuja de viajes libre de cuarentena con toda Australia hasta al menos el martes.
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Delta Coronavirus Variant Prompts Limits in Australia, Israel, as India Warns of New Mutation

17:06 - Parts of Sydney lock down, Israeli government brings back indoor masking; India warns of new mutation in challenge to Covid-19 pandemic controls
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Avances hacia la agricultura sostenible en España

19:02 - España es el país europeo con más hectáreas dedicadas al cultivo biológico —tercero en el mundo tras Australia y Argentina —, pero en proporción a la superficie agrícola útil cae 11 puestos en la lista. Con alrededor de un 10%, está lejos de Austria, con más del 25%, Estonia y Suecia, con más del 20%, o Italia, con más del 15%, según el último informe del Instituto de Investigación de Agricultura Orgánica y la Federación Internacional de Movimientos de Agricultura Orgánica.
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China avança para aderir a acordo de comércio da Ásia-Pacífico

18/05 A Parceria Transpacífica foi concebida pelos EUA como um bloco econômico para equilibrar o crescente poder chinês
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Johnson Leaves U.K. Door Open to Australian Tariff-Free Food

Premier says free trade is a ‘massive opportunity’ for farmers. Farmers say eliminating Australian food tariffs may ruin them
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China's suspension of economic dialogue with Australia is legitimate response: FMI

China's suspension of all activities under the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue is a necessary and legitimate response to Australia's restriction and crackdown on a raft of bilateral cooperation projects, and Canberra should take full responsibility for the move, China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.
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Australia’s Spat With China Opens Door for Grain Rival Argentina

4/05 Farmers in Argentina are pouncing on a trade feud between grain rival Australia and voracious crop buyer China.
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France, India and Australia step up Quad-style cooperation, with China on the horizon

The three countries, an increasingly active diplomatic collective, are planning to increase their joint presence in the Indo-Pacific. In a veiled reference to Beijing’s criticism, India’s external affairs minister says ‘people need to get over’ the idea the groupings are a threat
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‘Enough Is Enough’: Thousands Across Australia March Against Sexual Violence

The protests in at least 40 cities represented an outpouring of anger over the treatment of women at the highest levels of power, organizers said.
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Mathias Cormann set to head OECD despite climate record

17:15 - Mathias Cormann, Australia's longtime former finance minister, is set to take over as chief of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
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Biden hará frente común contra China con Japón, Australia e India

21:16 - Estados Unidos reactiva el Quad, foro de la región del Índico y el Pacífico es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino