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South China Sea: Beijing warns Asean members against backing ‘troublemaker’ US in region

Luo Zhaohui, deputy foreign minister for Asian affairs, makes remarks ahead of crucial talks on a code of conduct for the disputed waterway. He also takes aim at Washington’s partners in the Indo-Pacific, describing the Quad alliance as ‘an anti-China front line’
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Economías de ASEAN- 5 decrecerán en 2020, según Oxford Economics

El crecimiento económico de Malasia, Singapur, Tailandia, Indonesia y Filipinas (conocidos en su conjunto como ASEAN-5) disminuirá en 2020, según Oxford Economics, grupo líder en el pronóstico global y análisis cuantitativo.
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Nuevo corredor marítimo-terrestre facilita comercio de carne entre China y Brasil

Unas 84 toneladas de carne congelada brasileña llegaron hoy martes a la municipalidad de Chongqing, en el suroeste de China, a través de un nuevo corredor de comercio internacional marítimo-terrestre, según informó la compañía que opera esta vía.
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China's exports, imports improve in July, but trade with US down

China saw sustained improvement in its exports and imports in July supported by recovering demand at home and abroad, despite lingering external risks, signaling an overall stable trade in the second half of the year, exports said on Friday.
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US’ decoupling push weakens as China-ASEAN ties build

Despite the US' tireless efforts to promote its "decoupling" from China and the ongoing deadly COVID-19 pandemic, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have forged more highly integrated economic and trade ties, overthrowing the basis of the US' scheme to isolate China from global industrial chains.
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Challenges to ASEAN unity: Beijing’s coercion and US-China trade war

ASEAN, which comprises 10 racially and religiously diverse members, is a regional grouping that promotes economic, political, and security cooperation among its ten members. The charter laid out a blueprint for a community made up of three branches: the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the ASEAN Political-Security Community, and the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. In 2013, ASEAN decided to develop a Post-2015 Vision to realise a politically cohesive, economically integrated, socially responsible, and a truly people-oriented, people-centred and rules-based organisation. This formed the basis for the ASEAN Community Vision 2025.
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Vietnam PM warns of economic calamity at Asean summit

The current chair of Asean also wants to use the summit to inject momentum into talks on a sprawling China-backed trade pact, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).
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The case for Japan-U.S. space cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

On May 18, about six months after the United States established the Space Force, Japan launched a new Space Operations Squadron. These moves by the two allies reflect the importance that each country attaches to outer space given its key role for information technology, military strategy, and the economy.
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Vietnam: puerta de entrada a la ASEAN de la UE

Con la firma de los Acuerdos de Libre Comercio y de Protección de Inversiones entre Vietnam y la Unión Europea (EVFTA y EVIPA, respectivamente), Hanoi se convierte en la puerta de entrada de los países de la Eurozona a la Asociación de Naciones del Sudeste Asiático (ASEAN).
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China-US tensions drive Beijing’s push of yuan in belt and road nations, but challenges remain

China is stepping up efforts to internationalise the use of the yuan in Southeast Asian nations taking part in its Belt and Road Initiative. Despite growing China-Asean trade, use of the yuan in global trade is limited and its share of currency reserves is still below 2 per cent
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China intensificará cooperación económica y comercial con los países de la ASEAN

China intensificará aún más el comercio, la inversión y la cooperación económica con los países de la Asociación de Naciones del Sudeste Asiático (ASEAN, siglas en inglés), señaló hoy jueves el Ministerio de Comercio.
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Asean and India unlikely to pressure Beijing over Hong Kong national security law: experts

Most Southeast Asian governments see Beijing’s position on Hong Kong as part of its internal affairs, the analysts say. While India has stayed silent, escalating tensions over its border disputes with China may push it to make a statement
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India’s trade with South Asia less than 4% of global trade; China’s up by 546%

The study by Brookings India, released on Tuesday, noted that South Asia remains one of the least economically integrated regions in the world.
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Comercio exterior de China afronta creciente presión a la baja

El comercio exterior de China enfrenta una creciente presión a la baja este año, ya que la epidemia del nuevo coronavirus ha causado una enorme conmoción en la economía mundial y en las cadenas de suministro mundiales, dijo hoy jueves un funcionario del Ministerio de Comercio.
Economía The Japan Times - Japón Economía Internacional KEITA NAKAMURA

Japan to help shift manufacturing to ASEAN from China after virus disrupts supply chains

Japan will launch a subsidy program to encourage domestic manufacturers to transfer their overseas production bases to Southeast Asia, as the coronavirus pandemic has greatly disrupted their supply chains heavily dependent on China.
Política The Straits Times - Singapur Política Internacional Danson Cheong

Covid-19 will strain US-China ties further, pressure Asean to pick sides, say experts

As the United States comes to grips with the Covid-19 outbreak, pressure will intensify in Washington to blame China for the devastating pandemic
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Asean holds special coronavirus summit, but will the bloc’s plans come to fruition?

Southeast Asian leaders meeting for the first time since the pandemic are looking for enhanced cooperation through measures such as an emergency response fund. But observers point out the association previously showed little appetite for multilateralism, and question whether concrete action will emerge
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India's exit from RCEP leaves Japan and China unsure about future direction of free trade pact

India’s exit from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) regional trade talks appeared to leave China and Japan at odds over whether to press ahead with the remaining members — or to try to find a workaround that includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.
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World's largest trade deal RCEP faces delay as India pushes back against China

Sixteen-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership will cover half the planet’s people es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino